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Expanding e-commerce beyond borders


InterCultural Elements (ICE) offers much more than just e-commerce-targeted translation, with services such as individualized e-commerce consultation, foreign language email customer service, returns collection and even marketing translations, all directly from your listing tool of choice. ICE clients will tell you our goal is simple: to offer an A-Z service which overcomes all challenges sellers face when expanding abroad.

Market research & consultation

  • ICE helps you create a cross border trade strategy including profitable target markets, competitor pricing, and which items to sell where & when

Professional human in-house translation – no translation machines

  • Translated & proofread by native, e-commerce-specialized, in-house translators, ensuring accurate & search optimised translations
  • No charge for duplicate text & discounts on repetitious text

TEAM (Total E-Commerce Account Management) Managed Services

  • You and your dedicated Account Manager will collaborate to create a customized strategy based on your expansion & growth goals
  • They will then work on your accounts, using their e-commerce expertise to help you successfully meet your goals and cross border trade (CBT) objectives.

Optimisation of sizing, prices, categories & item attributes by country

  • ICE localises your data into other languages and cultures, including changing sizing, prices, browse nodes, categories, item attributes and all information needed for successful cross border trade


  • ICE consults and launches you on the best-suited marketplaces, create a multi-channel listing strategy and guide you through market limits & regulations— all from your listing tool of choice

Exchange Rate Optimisation

  • Significantly lower exchange rate expenses incurred when receiving money from marketplaces or making international payments for your business
    Multilingual Customer Service
  • ICE’s in-house e-commerce specialized customer service team answers your foreign inquiries for you, becoming your international Customer Service department
  • Higher customer satisfaction and positive feedback rating without the cost and stress of hiring

Global Returns

  • ICE affordably collects international returns using local warehouses in over 19 countries, giving you better feedback and speedier returns processing

All services directly from your listing tool
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