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Reliable, inexpensive eBay, Amazon & Shopify fulfilment.


Reliable, inexpensive eBay, Amazon & Shopify fulfilment. We’ll securely store, and reliably package and deliver your orders. You’ll grow your business!

Our unique software driven approach to fulfilment means that we can handle any business however large or small.

Huboo offers the following advantages:

  • Fulfillment – we store, pick & post your order
  • Optional packing of your unpacked products
  • Live order streaming from eBay, Amazon and Shopify, among others. So we’ll be fulfilling your orders for you as the orders come in, without your intervention required.
  • Huboo dashboard giving you up to the minute info on your products and costs
  • Secure warehousing
  • Grow your business instead of wasting time packing (typical clients grow by 38% in the first three months of working with Huboo)
  • Reduce your overheads by replacing your warehouse and staff with our service
  • 2 months free storage for each new shipment you send to us.

Our entire service can be cheaper (from accepting the order, picking the item in our warehouse, and posting it to your customer) than the price of the retail Royal Mail postage, and is also often cheaper than Amazon FBA.

Service levels are exceptional. Ask to speak to existing clients, they’ll be happy to tell you about their experiences with Huboo.

Unlike all other fulfilment services we are completely transparent about pricing. You’ll find our complete price list here including the price of our various additional services:

Price List >>

We’re happy to quote if you have any requirements not covered in that list.

If you’d like to know more, give us a call for a friendly chat, or take a look at the video of our informal conversation with Youtube’s Nic & Andrea Hills. As they’re eBay’ers it focuses on that side of our business, but it is still a good introduction to what we do.

Huboo was born out of our experiences as online retailers, overcoming the many challenges of fulfilment, so we know our stuff

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