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GS1 UK is part of the global GS1 organisation that defines, maintains & manages the standards that ensure products are uniquely identified.


Selling on marketplaces? Product identifiers help buyers to find your listings online

All the major online marketplaces use GS1 unique numbers to manage their product catalogues. If you’re trading on Amazon, eBay or Rakuten then you’ll need to add a GTIN to help buyers find, compare and buy your products.

GS1 UK is part of the global GS1 organisation that defines, maintains and manages the standards that ensure products are uniquely identified throughout the world, now and in the future.

A trusted system

As a member of GS1 UK you can be assured that all the product numbers you assign can be identified as belonging to you. This is important as marketplaces and retailers rely on this to verify the owner of a product. Without a single authentic source for these numbers, duplicate and invalid numbers can get into the market.

We’re aware that numbers not licensed from GS1 are causing issues for marketplaces and their merchants. This is why we’re working with all the major marketplaces and shopping portals, including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and Google, who are using GS1 standards and the GTIN as the key identifier for listing products to resolve this.

By licensing your number from GS1 UK we can ensure the integrity of your number. It’s why over 29,000 members in the UK and over 2 million worldwide use GS1 standards.

More than just products

As you trade with more marketplaces and retailers, we can help you to identify cases, shipments and even places. That’s because the same GS1 standards are used by the retail industry across the world, and your company prefix enables you to create these unique identifiers.

Supporting you 24/7 as your business grows

As a GS1 UK member you’ll get telephone and online support. And we provide access to selected third-party solutions, education and training to help you as your business grows.

We’re not-for-profit, so we work for you

As a not-for-profit organisation, we work with our members to continually develop our standards – so they keep pace with new technologies and the changing business landscape. This is why GS1 UK membership is much more than just a barcode. We help you trade with confidence and convenience, and as your business grows, save you more money through greater efficiencies.