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eBay Radio is the official radio voice of eBay worldwide. Designed to help eBay sellers


eBay Radio is the official radio voice of eBay worldwide. Designed to help eBay sellers become more successful, eBay Radio is produced by veteran broadcast consultants Voicemarketing Radio Syndicate and hosted by eBay’s Jim “Griff” Griffith, Dean of eBay Education and Senior Manager for Seller Advocacy. Radio veteran, serial entrepreneur and Voicemarketing CEO Lee Mirabal serves as co-host. Emphasis is on achieving and maintaining Top Rated Seller status.

On Tuesday, eBay Radio features interviews with eBay and ecommerce experts, Top Rated Sellers and eBay team leaders along with eBay news and updates, listeners’ calls or emails and live chat.

On Thursday, eBay Radio’s Ask Griff & Lee features listeners’ calls and emails plus eBay news and updates along with live chat.

Shows are archived and available 24/7 for listening or download. The eBay Radio Archives website also includes exclusive one-minute audio tips, “Advice from the Community”, as well as a Seller Resource Center offering:

  • Seller Tools & Services (third-party providers)
  • Seller Events Calendar (eBay seller group meetups, conferences, etc.
  • Seller Groups Directory (eBay seller meetup groups worldwide)
  • Seller Bookshelf (must-read eBay and ecommerce titles)
  • Seller Bookmarks (useful but hard-to-find links on
  • Lee’s Tips (Advice for the Entrepreneur)

Archived shows may also be accessed via iTunes, RSS feed or Stitcher, while a mobile app for live broadcasts is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

To listen live or via the archives, go to and click the words LISTEN LIVE (during live broadcast hours only) or “PAST EPISODES”.

Broadcast Schedule

  • Tuesday: eBay Radio, 11am-2pm Pacific Time (-8 GMT)
  • Thursday: eBay Radio’s Ask Griff & Lee, 11am-1pm Pacific Time   (-8 GMT)

During live broadcasts, call toll free 888-RADIO-30 (888-723-4630) or Skype USA 888-723-4630.

For information about sponsorship opportunities, email
To apply to be a guest or submit a seller event, go to; click on “Past Episodes” to get to the archives website; then select and submit the appropriate webform.