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.STORE Domains was launched to provide relevant, memorable domain names to online sellers.

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Whether you’re a marketplace seller, an online store owner or a retailer, you’re all targeting the same customers. To differentiate yourself from the thousands other online businesses, you need to build a strong brand authority.

Why don’t you call it what it is and get a .STORE domain name for your business?

Be it on a search engine, a banner ad, or even print, when potential customers see a .STORE domain name, they know you’re selling.


Have you thought of the perfect brand name, saw that the domain name was unavailable, and resorted to a less impactful name? You’re not alone. Over 65% of domain name searches turn up unavailable results.

The solution?

Think different, think beyond .com.

.STORE Domains was launched to provide relevant, memorable domain names to online sellers; a domain name that associates their site with eCommerce.

How does a .STORE domain name help you create a stronger brand?

  • High availability of names: You can now choose a memorable brand name of your choice. No more unnecessary characters or misspellings.
  • Strong SEO: The word ‘store’ is used online in more than 6 million searches, and having the word in your domain name may increase your search engine visibility.
  • Recall: Customers will not only remember your short, relevant .STORE domain name but they’ll also always associate you with online shopping.
  • Global recognition: The word ‘store’ is recognised globally, helping you connect with customers from every part of the world.

Over 150,000 businesses from 175+ countries have chosen .STORE domain names for their online stores. Meet some of our users:

Enterprises: Emirates

Influencers: Rhett & Link

Marketplace sellers: Stickeriffic

Local businesses: Bakerstreet Boys

Startups: Pathport

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.STORE Domains is operated by Radix, a premier domain registry, that also manages 9 other new domain extensions, with over 3 million domains under its management.

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