imio Software Solutions

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imio Software Solutions is a UK-based software business specialising in warehousing and fulfilment.


Born from automation

Originally developed to complement the automation solutions offered by Conveyor Networks Limited, imio Software Solutions covers all aspects of warehouse management.

Knowing when to automate is key to future business growth. If you’re exploring automation solutions, make sure you explore the imio software suite. Our high level software integrates seamlessly with host IT systems, offering great usability and real time warehouse communication.

imio is a no frills, fit-for-purpose software suite able to meet the complexities and challenges of e-commerce and omni-channel retailing. This smart warehouse solution reduces errors, increasing productivity and efficiency of the warehouse.

Best in class software

  • imio-WMS: Advanced WMS capabilities, which offer scalable and flexible needs-based software solutions for any size business, ensuring seamless and effective logistics operations.
  • imio-MFC: A real-time interface with automation equipment, suitable for all ecommerce organisations, offering seamless MFC integration with high-level host systems.
  • Imio-Carrier: Automates carrier communication for retailers and ecommerce organisations via a single platform, improving accuracy, speed and product traceability.
  • Automation: Working alongside sister company Conveyor Networks, to provide intelligent automation solutions, imio manages data flow, binding together automated systems

Quick to install and easy to use

It’s really important to the Software Team that imio is straightforward to implement and use. Its Graphical User Interface and clear processes reflect these aims.

“imio is a very user friendly application and our operators were competent within hours!”
Lawrence Hart, Contract Development Manager, Kuehne + Nagel Ltd

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