Channel Reply

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Channel Reply seamlessly integrates all of your Amazon and eBay messages into Zendesk


ChannelReply connects your helpdesk with eBay and Amazon to make customer service easy.

-Manage eBay and Amazon support in the same place.

-Power your customer service with Zendesk, Freshdesk or other world-class software.

-Build a time- and money-saving omnichannel support system.

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The bigger your ecommerce business grows, the harder support gets. eBay has one messaging system. Amazon has another. Then there are emails from your online store, customers demanding help on social media, and phones ringing off the hook.

How can anyone keep up with it all?

Helpdesks like Zendesk and Freshdesk solve part of this problem. You can use them to manage your email, social media, phone calls, live chat and more from a single interface. Some even have special ecommerce integrations like BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Shopify.

But that still leaves one missing piece: marketplaces.

ChannelReply completes the puzzle. It delivers eBay and Amazon messages to your helpdesk and sends your replies back. No more flipping between screens all day!

You will see details on the customer and their order in a sidebar, so you’ll never have to log in to eBay or Amazon to figure out what they’re talking about.

That info also becomes usable. You can automatically insert it into canned answers, autoresponder messages and more. Perfectly customized replies, zero typing required.

ChannelReply empowers you to do even more that’s normally impossible for your helpdesk. Now you can process eBay returns there, and get email notifications whenever you receive a bad seller rating on Amazon.

Plus, you can have as many support agents as you need without sharing your marketplace passwords.

ChannelReply saves your team the disorientation, wasted time, and frustration of shuffling webpages. It also gives them access to much better tools than eBay’s or Amazon’s and enables them to reply faster. That means a lot more accomplished in fewer billable hours.

Save time, cut costs, and boost customer satisfaction. Try ChannelReply free.