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Bitbond is a market leader in providing working capital to online businesses around the world.


Bitbond is the market leader in providing working capital to online businesses around the world. Sellers can connect online accounts like eBay, Amazon, MercadoLibre and others in order to receive lower interest rates than on alternative platforms.

Additionally, Bitbond is available globally, meaning that you can now access working capital from anywhere in the world.

You probably know that the right financing at the right time can mean a significant competitive advantage. But when is a loan the right choice for you?

You might need an eCommerce loan to:

  1. Finance revenue growth
  2. Bridge short-term liquidity gaps and revenue fluctuations
  3. Finance large orders and buying opportunities

Why should you choose Bitbond:

Bitbond is the market leader for eCommerce loans around the world and has been recognised repeatedly for its standards of excellence. Since 2013, Bitbond has funded over 1,200 loans with 27,000 (and counting) happy users registered on the platform.

  1. Join a community of over 20,000 borrowers
  2. Enjoy lower interest rates than on alternatives platforms
  3. No impact on your credit score
  4. Available globally

What is the application process like:

  • Most borrowers complete the application in less than 15 minutes
  • Connect your eBay and Amazon accounts to receive lower interest rates
  • Get approved within 24 hours

As an online seller you want to spend your time optimizing and growing your sales. Your products and the service you provide to your customers are at the center of your attention. Other administrative activities that don’t relate to making sales directly are often regarded as chores.

Frequently, this also applies to the financing of a retailer’s activities. As a financial product, loans and credit lines are often untried territory for online sellers. To someone who is not familiar with financing, the associated terms and costs might look opaque and not easily understandable.

Ready to get your loan?

If you are ready to get a quick and affordable loan to grow your eCommerce business, please send an email to or visit Bitbond.

We look forward to greeting you on the platform.

The Bitbond Team

(You can find eBay power sellers who have been financed on Bitbond here, here and here.)

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