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B2C Europe is the largest independent full service provider of fulfilment, distribution and return solutions in Europe.


B2C Europe is the largest independent full service provider of fulfilment, distribution and return solutions in Europe. With offices across Europe, China and the USA we are able to provide the B2C e-commerce industry with easy access to the best delivery and returns networks for mail and parcels.

We offer a wide range of cross border solutions including e-fulfilment, customs clearance, home delivery, pickup locations, and returns. We drive growth for e-commerce retailers and online platforms by ensuring great logistical performance for both the delivery and return of items. Our services allow international customers to compete with domestic competitors globally.


Consumers have high expectations for parcel deliveries in terms of speed, delivery options and tracking information. Thanks to its pan-European presence, B2C Europe can offer e-tailers and consumers the best possible solutions for Home Delivery.

Parcelplus provides a reliable tracked parcel service for all shipments worldwide. We directly access the best delivery networks and provide electronic confirmation of receipt for online retailers and their consumers. One simple IT integration for both label production and tracking updates.


CollectYourParcel gives customers the opportunity to choose a pick-up location

instead of a home delivery. The service offers access to nearly all available pickup locations in the European Union via a single interface. Additionally, the retailer neither has to negotiate terms and conditions with individual suppliers, nor does he have to worry about labelling, transportation and track and trace services. CollectYourParcel takes care of it all.


ReturnYourParcel provides the customers with paid and/or prepaid return labels, available in 16 languages, which can be sent with each order or generated through our Customer Pages. We provide retailers an integrated return solution with superior visibility for them and their customers. Online retailers can sell their products throughout Europe using a single returns process, without the need for costly investments in IT or international warehousing.


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