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Ad-Lister is an online software solution for creating and managing your products, assigning design templates and uploading to eBay. 


A software solution created by eBay sellers (Darren Ardener & Sean Sale owners of Just Applications), realising there was an easier way to sell items on eBay and save time in the process.

What is it?

Ad-Lister is an online software solution for creating and managing your products, assigning a design template and uploading to eBay in one easy-to-use system, to use anywhere, even from your mobile!

It allows you to create products and post to eBay when you are ready, ideal for seasonal items that would usually be removed from eBay when not active.

Can I create eBay templates with Ad-Lister?

A built-in ‘create your own template designer’ utilising drag-and-drop technology is available; this allows customers to create basic listing designs on eBay.

Previously Ad-Lister was only used by customers for which we created a custom designed template – we gained a wealth of experience from this and expanded the functionality allowing anyone to use it.

Does it comply with eBay active content rules?

eBay hasn’t confirmed 100% on the rules as yet for the active content. However, we do have a static option available within the listing design, this retains the style of the listing but the content remains static and therefore complies with the proposed rules.

When eBay finalise the rules, customers that have non-active content listings may sign up to Ad-Lister to easily revise the listings so that they comply with eBay’s regulations.

How can it save me time?

Included are a number of time-saving actions, out of which the most beneficial is allowing you to create clones of existing products so that these can be easily edited.

Bulk updates are often required, so we also added a number of bulk actions, such as increase the postage by £1 on the selected products, ideal for when Royal Mail change the price just before Christmas.

Common text such as editing your contact details or returns or delivery policies can be easily modified and applied to all of your products in bulk.

I have hundreds of products, can it help?

Larger sellers can benefit not only from the bulk actions, but from CSV imports, increasing the speed of editing your items.

What else can it do?

Existing items listed on eBay can be imported into Ad-Lister, enabling you to revise them with either the new design template or revise other details as required.

Supplier data feeds can be automated within the system – this is ideal for automating thousands of products and controlling stock levels.

What selling platforms do you support?

eBay, Amazon, Magento and Big Commerce.

Is it expensive?

Our pricing is very competitive, we have subscriptions based on the volume of products, the lowest price is £22 / month for up to 100 products.

It is cheaper to buy the yearly license and we have a promotion at the moment offering 30% off the yearly license for Tamebay readers.

Is it secure?

To enable us to upload your products, Ad-Lister has a secure token system between us and eBay, which means that your eBay username and password are never known to us ensuring peace of mind.

Individual users can be set up within the system, such as editors. This is ideal for when you want to let others create your products but you do not want to give out your eBay logins.

We are accredited. Our developers and support staff take pride in fully understanding the applications they use. We pass exams to achieve this level of success and our applications are also tested accordingly.


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