Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant are playing an increasingly important part in the lives of millions of consumers around the world. A decade ago it was all about mobile, but the next front for commerce will be the rice of VAs. Read our Virtual Assistant Position Paper  
By Chris Dawson October 29, 2018 - 2:03 pm

HMV overtake Amazon in physical music sales

Amazon are slipping in the physical music market with HMV, the high street retailer, being the unlikely winner although in part that's due to their mail order service - a competitor to Amazon Prime. Amazon's slide isn't all bad news for the online marketplace however, with

Ship orders via voice command with Amazon Alexa and ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy, a subsidiary of have what they claim to be a first in the shipping industry - the ability to ship and manage orders via voice commands with a new Amazon Alexa and ShippingEasy integration. Either use the Alexa app on a mobile device, or

Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills enable voice commerce on Amazon Echo

Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills is a way to monetise Amazon's Echo virtual assistant to enable the purchase of goods or services by consumers using their Amazon payment credentials. Almost without exception, anyone that owns an Amazon Echo will be an Amazon customer and have their

Alexa open Cortana, Hey Cortana open Alexa

Amazon Alexa, although learning new skills rapidly is a bit useless as it can't check your email or your calendar. Microsoft would love you to use their Cortana virtual assistant but it's limited to Windows 10 devices and a couple of standalone virtual assistant speakers

Google Home price slashed to £99 until 5th Sept

If you're not yet in the smart home world, now is the time to jump in as Google slash the price of their Google Home device to £99 saving £30 from the normal £129 price tag. This makes it only £10 more expensive than the

Amazon Alexa is heading to Mexico

It has been announced that Amazon Alexa enabled devices will be launching for Mexico soon. This is the first foray of the technology into Latin America which is a significant strategic opportunity for Amazon. The Echo device will be available for the Mexican market later

CollectPlus print in store rolled out for Returns with Alexa integration

A new CollectPlus Print in Store service has rolled out for Returns customers. Many consumers today only access the internet on mobile devices and do not have access to a printer but can now return their online shopping to a growing roster of retailers by

Shopify Ping with chat messaging and Kit Virtual Assistant

Shopify have introduced Shopify Ping to make communicating with customers on social platforms easier and quicker and giving the ability to respond in real time. Shopify Ping also comes with Shopify’s free virtual assistant, Kit, built-in. Kit helps merchants plan, create and manage marketing activities through

Google urged to give Google Home Mini away for free

Would you like a free Google Home Mini? The suggestion from Morgan Stanlay analyst Brian Nowak is that Google give away a device to every home in the US to avoid losing ground to Amazon. He even extends that to suggest Google should make it