Virtual Assistants

In our position paper, we define what a Virtual Assistant is and trace their growth from inception through to the present day, including:

• Defining what a Virtual Assistant is
• Identify the first examples from 2 decades ago
• Trace the history of Virtual Assisant payment transactions
• Consider the impact of Virtual Assistants on Ecommerce
• Discuss how retailers best approach to Virtual Assistants

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By Chris Dawson April 26, 2018 - 1:38 pm

Echo Dot Kids Edition designed to get kids hooked on Amazon early

Amazon are looking to get kids hooked on their services before they're even old enough to make a purchase. They've just rolled out a range of colourful kid friendly Echo Dot Kids Edition costing $79.99. This is a long term project which will ensure Kids

Amazon’s new Fire TV Cube device coming soon

An enigmatic page has appeared on Amazon for a Fire TV Cube product which hasn't yet been announced. Details are sparse, but it would appear likely that it's a bigger version of the Amazon Fire TV range and will have Amazon Alexa functionality built in -

Tamebay Position Paper:
Virtual Assistants

Download or read online This position paper on Virtual Assistants is available as a free download to read offline at your convenience, or carry on reading below. Virtual Assistants Virtual Assistants are playing an increasingly important part in the lives of millions of consumers around the world, often

New Google Shopping Actions – ‘Google Marketplace’ Launch

Google has added a raft of marketplace type features to their paid search offering with Google Shopping Actions. They've added new ways for buyers to purchase on Google Assistant and in Google Search and for merchants there's the attractiveness of only paying for a successful

Virtual assistants may engage consumers more than research suggests

Even though it seems everyone is talking about virtual assistants devices and smartwatches, the majority of consumers don't own these new devices, and even fewer use them to complete purchases, according to a recently released study by Episerver. 35% of consumers now own a smartwatch, two-thirds

UPS chatbot now on Google Assistant & Google Home

The UPS chatbot is now available on Google Assistant, giving customers another convenient way to retrieve information on package deliveries and other UPS services via the Assistant on Android phones, iPhones, smart speakers like Google Home and other compatible devices. The chatbot’s expansion to the Google

Voice shopping booms in UK and drives up sales on Amazon, study shows

Shopping through voice-activated devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home is set to become the next disruptive force in retail – just as m- and e-commerce did before it – and is already proving to be a boon to Amazon. One tenth of UK households

Spotify smart speaker could be launched soon

A Spotify smart speaker may be the next big entrant into the virtual assistant arena, it would also be the first physical product for the streaming media business. Job Adverts posted by Spotify are looking for engineers to work on the creation of "innovative Spotify experiences

ASA clear Echo devices of accidental orders

With all new technology comes teething problems and it appears that even Amazon aren't immune with their new Alexa powered range of Echo devices. There have been a number of stories in the press over products being ordered when a the sound from TV adverts