Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant are playing an increasingly important part in the lives of millions of consumers around the world. A decade ago it was all about mobile, but the next front for commerce will be the rice of VAs. Read our Virtual Assistant Position Paper  
By Chris Dawson June 10, 2019 - 10:01 am

Amazon Alexa now available for BMW and MINI in UK

Day dreaming while driving and want to add something to your shopping list? Firstly don't day dream while driving but now you can add to your shopping list, track your parcels and access host of other features such as your favourite music through Amazon Alexa

Only 13% shoppers buy regularly via smart speakers as they ‘don’t know how to’

With talks of smart speakers becoming a useful tool to order products, it appears that only a small percentage of British consumers live up to these expectations, says new research by Awin. The study polled more than 2,000 adults as part of ongoing research into the

New Amazon Echo Show 5 smart speaker

Amazon have announced the newest addition to the Echo Show family — Echo Show 5. With its compact design, 5.5-inch display, rich sound, HD camera, and built-in camera shutter, Echo Show 5 lets Amazon show you things in every room of your home. It will

What are the most desirable products to resell in the future?

Home technology items will be the most desirable products to resell in the years to come, according to research by Online marketplace conducted a survey to discover which areas 1,784 consumers are interested in investing in the future. Gaming and recreational tech have led for

Amazon acquire eero mesh WiFi technology leader

Amazon have a problem, they sell a ton of devices from Echo to Ring and Fire Tablets and even Fire TV sticks and they all need good WiFi. The problem is that WiFi has in the past often been patchy within people's homes and so

The Tamebay Ecommerce Papers

Over the course of the last year, Tamebay have compiled a series of papers delving into all aspects of ecommerce from the very latest technologies including Virtual Assistants and Artificial Intelligence to search, delivery, regulation and International Selling. Today the Tamebay Ecommerce Papers are available

Amazon re:MARS AI conference announced

Amazon re:MARS is a new AI event for Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space. The event is inspired by MARS, an intimate invite-only event that brings together innovative minds to share new ideas across these rapidly advancing domains. re:MARS will combine the latest in forward-looking

Amazon Ring faces a data breach scandal as it’s blamed for accessing customers’ videos

Amazon  Ring employees have been watching customers' stored video streams, even those from inside your house. For Ring owners might find themselves waking up to a reality check as their security cameras came under fire last week for allegedly violating consumers' privacy rights. Ring, a smart home business

Halfords Amazon Alexa Bike to launch Summer 2019

Halfords are to be the exclusive UK supplier of the first Amazon Alexa Bike this summer with the launch of the Cybic bike range. The smart bike uses Amazon Alexa voice function to give directions, turn on lights, play music, tell speed and much more. “Adding