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By Chris Dawson July 16, 2018 - 10:46 am

5 major online shopping trends of 2018

The key online shopping trends for 2018 are all technology based. While we’re already half way through the year, there’s still time to capitalise on some of the year’s top ecommerce trends, especially with the busiest trading period still to come. Currencies Direct have gathered

World Cup & sporting events cuts shopping dead says eBay CEO

eBay CEO Devin Wenig has tweeted an interesting factoid after monitoring shopping behaviour around the world cup schedules. Football is killing shopping, but there are some interesting trends. For the 90 minutes of the game, for the two countries playing eBay have seen a 30% decline

eBay UK Launch eBay Image Search

eBay have today launched eBay Image Search on their UK country site. Image search offers a new way to search for items that are hard to describe and, through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables consumers to search for them as easy

Replay: Scaling your business Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass

If you missed this week's Scaling your business Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass webinar, then it's now available to watch and as there is a ton of useful information on how to accelerate your Amazon business it's well worth listening in to. Our guest speaker, Bernie Thompson

Google urged to give Google Home Mini away for free

Would you like a free Google Home Mini? The suggestion from Morgan Stanlay analyst Brian Nowak is that Google give away a device to every home in the US to avoid losing ground to Amazon. He even extends that to suggest Google should make it

Products not appearing on Amazon Business

We've discovered an interesting and downside for shoppers on Amazon Business. Amazon are displaying products as 'Temporarily out of stock' when if you shop on the main Amazon site the product is freely available. This means, that for business buyers, selection is likely to be

eBay images go missing from sellers’ listings

We've just heard about a bug where eBay images go missing from sellers' listings. If ever you've tried to list anything on eBay you'll have seen the helpful advice screaming at you that you have to upload at least one image, so when sellers start

Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass 5th July

Next week on Thursday the 5th of July, we are holding our Amazon Masterclass on scaling your  Amazon business with Sponsored Products, if you've not signed up yet then do so to reserve your place and, if you can't make the webinar (we know the

Google Webmasters clarify mobile first indexing signals

Google have seen some confusion around their mobile first indexing signals and in a series of tweets clarified them. The main thrust of the tips is that if you have desktop content and mobile content then Google will be indexing your mobile content and giving

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