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By Chris Dawson October 8, 2018 - 10:10 am

Amazon employee fired for sharing customer email addresses

An Amazon employee fired for sharing customer's email addresses with a retailer will be prosecuted. Sharing email addresses are in contravention of the marketplace's policies. Amazon have said that they are supporting law enforcement against their ex-employee. Amazon emailed affected consumers to inform them that their

Environment Agency issues ESOS fines to eBay and Gumtree

The Environment Agency recently announced that they were best chums with eBay and had joined forces to stop illegal vehicle breakers. Business sellers who list used vehicle parts on eBay now receive a pop up message to highlight that an environmental permit is needed to

Employers need to be aware of new employee payslip rules

British employers are not far away from the introduction of new employee payslip regulations. Businesses are being reminded that there are just six months to go until new legislation comes into force that requires all workers to be provided with itemised payslips. From April 6,

Join the eBay Small Business Ambassador Network

The eBay Small Business Ambassador Network is for active eBay sellers who are interested in helping eBay shape ecommerce legislation. There's a lot going on in the world that immediately impacts ecommerce, from Brexit in Europe to VAT in Europe, online sales tax in the US,

eBay False SNAD claims have to be accepted before appeal

What do you do when a buyer requests a return and you know it's a false SNAD (Significantly Not As Described) return and want to appeal it? Currently there's nothing you can do until after the event and with eBay rolling out auto-accept returns there

eBay delivers 1 million signature petition to Congress calling for fair online sales taxes

Ever since the legal case of South Dakota vs. Wayfair in the United States the issue of online sales taxes has been a hot topic and now eBay has weighed into the debate by delivering a one million signature petition calling for Congress to pass

Amazon Brand Registry Abuse is growing

For many years there have been complaints of Amazon merchants taking a generic product, putting their brand sticker on it and hijacking an ASIN. The supposed 'Brand' then complains to Amazon that the sellers who have helped build the sales history on that ASIN are

How the US import tariffs against China could impact merchants

A new raft of US import tariffs and duties applicable to imports from China have been introduced by the American government and they could have an impact on marketplace retailers and ecommerce merchants. The measures form part of President Trump's policy aim of bolstering American

Amazon Turkey launched today

Today Amazon launched a new country site in Turkey with 1,000 local Turkish businesses already listing on the Amazon Turkey marketplace, in addition of course to Amazon Retail products available on the site. features a vast selection of products across 15 categories, such as Books,