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By Sasha Fedorenko June 17, 2019 - 4:48 pm

New study urges UK SMEs to prepare for no-deal Brexit

The UK SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are urged to avoid putting their faith in politicians and consider all reasonable preparations for no-deal Brexit, says new study by The Institute of Directors (IOD). The Institute of Directors (IOD) says that their analysis into how UK SMEs

Porn block age verification could change the Internet as we know it

In case you weren't aware, from the 15th of July 2019, there's going to be a Porn Block for adult sites which means you'll need age verification before you can access porn site's content. under the Digital Economy Act, this is the government's method of

GDPR one year on: Enforcement, Impact and Annoyance

This weekend saw the first anniversary of GDPR on the 25th of May, but what's changed and how is GDPR one year on impacting our experience of the Internet? It's worth noting that a number of companies have been fined for blatant abuse of consumer's personal

How Amazon determines ‘appropriateness’ of product listings?

Amazon's annual shareholder meeting saw the discussion of the "appropriateness" of product listings on the marketplace. Amazon faced 12 resolutions from 11 Amazon shareholders. The meeting raised the subject of the accepted standard of sellers' product listings on Amazon. Citing Amazon's product listings policy Offensive and Controversial

UPS move to raise USPS service fees rejected

The US Supreme Court rejected to hear the case brought by UPS which aimed to rise USPS service fees, as reported by The Hill. The UPS' rejected appeal to a lower court focused to force USPS to up their prices, citing the UPSP's anti-competitive service pricing

eBay sellers urge Congress to relax policies denting SMBs

Some 24 eBay sellers met up with more than 60 US Congress members to encourage the policymakers to relax regulations denting sellers' businesses. The 14th annual US eBay Advocacy Day saw eBay merchants from 20 states advocating for policies that would ensure a fair trading landscape

4 areas to improve marketplace trading: eBay CEO urges state to rethink policies ‘hurting’ SMBs

The eBay CEO, Devin Wenig is urging the US government to "work" on policies affecting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) which make it difficult for them to compete amongst larger merchants. Devin outlined four policies which US lawmakers can help with: Fair access to postal services A national

How to set up tax tables for eBay US Sales Tax Collection

Sellers trading in the US have to comply with the eBay US Sales Tax Collection which requires them to collect taxes on their transactions when trading in certain states. eBay said yesterday that they will support sellers affected by the June 2018 Supreme Court decision. They

eBay to collect Internet Sales Tax for sellers as it expands to more states

eBay are set to collect Internet Sales Tax on sellers' behalf as the policy expands to more US states. eBay announced yesterday in The eBay Community their commitment to support sellers affected by the June 2018 Supreme Court decision. What does the ruling mean for eBay sellers? Some