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By Sasha Fedorenko December 13, 2018 - 4:12 pm

Shoppers risk buying fake products this Christmas: are marketplaces ‘safe’?

What could be the worst ever Christmas gift? A fake product, disguised as a genuine one. For those who like to treat their loved ones to expensive designer gifts may sometimes find the temptation of buying discounted versions that appear to look nothing like the originals.

Amazon secures 30th spot as the US biggest business in a public survey

Amazon have secured 30th rank as the US biggest business in an annual public survey conducted in a conjunction with Forbes and Just Capital. The marketplace have secured a reasonable spot in 'The 2019 Just 100 list,' which ranks 890 of the US publicly-traded businesses based on public attitudes

PayPal CMA inquiry is set to face a second-stage phase

PayPal CMA inquiry is set to face a second-stage phase by a competition watchdog, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) after failing to address the audit's concerns on the imbalance of prices and quality of services. The online payments supplier have put a sharper focus this week on their

Fruugo to pass Customs charges on to retailers

Fruugo is growing rapidly and generating more sales from more customers in more countries than ever before with 2018 shaping up to be another record breaking year for sales. However due to their cross border sales they are now addressing the impact of Customs charges

Amazon “double role” puts a spotlight on disadvantages for sellers

Amazon's "double role" as a leading marketplace and a seller platform have put a spotlight on factors that disadvantageous for their merchants, says an investigation. The announcement comes a marketplace are under an inquiry by German's competition audit, Federal Cartel Office to scrutinise how Amazon balances their dual duty,

Paypal’s iZettle acquisition raises merchants’ concerns on an imbalance of prices and quality of services

PayPal acquisition of iZettle has put a spotlight on an imbalance of prices and quality of services for small and medium-sized businesses, says an investigation. The news emerges as The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has been investigating the supplier's $2.2bn (£1.73bn) merger of the Swedish

Amazon ‘fake’ reviews are removed in attempt to tackle fraud

Amazon 'fake' reviews have been revomed across the most demanded product categories by the marketplace in an attempt to tackle fraud, new analysis suggests. The marketplace have deleted more than 30,000 fabricated reviews on their websites' technology and home product ranges over the last two years, suggests

Swiss VAT law change taking effect 1st January 2019

Swiss VAT law is changing as of the beginning of next year and it will impact sellers of low value goods who sell goods to the value of more than 100,000 Swiss Francs annually. Low value goods are defined as all goods sent from abroad into

Amazon employee fired for sharing customer email addresses

An Amazon employee fired for sharing customer's email addresses with a retailer will be prosecuted. Sharing email addresses are in contravention of the marketplace's policies. Amazon have said that they are supporting law enforcement against their ex-employee. Amazon emailed affected consumers to inform them that their