Once you start buying goods to sell, you’re running a business and have legal responsibilities and obligations; it's a jungle of regulation that will only grow in complexity as the business develops... Read our Regulation Position Paper.
By Chris Dawson June 25, 2018 - 10:05 am

EU regulation on promoting fairness and transparency for marketplace traders

More than a million EU enterprises trade through online platforms in order to reach their customers, and it is estimated that around 60% of private consumption and 30% of public consumption of goods and services related to the total digital economy are transacted via online

Read the Tamebay Regulation Position Paper

Each week we are releasing a new position paper, aiming to capture different news which crosses multiple marketplaces and channels and collate the news on the different subjects, to make it easier for you to find when it’s of interest. This week we turn our focus

Tamebay Position Paper:

Download or read online This position paper on Packaging is available as a free download to read offline at your convenience, or carry on reading below. Regulation Ecommerce may occur online but it is subject to the laws of the land just like any business. And once you

Amazon, eBay and Fruugo co-operate on VAT Fraud

Just three marketplaces have signed up to the 'Tackling online VAT fraud and error - the role of online marketplaces in co-operating with HMRC' agreement. HMRC has published the list of marketplaces who have signed up to co-operate on VAT Fraud and error on marketplaces

Lawful bases for processing data without consent under GDPR

Now that GDPR has come into effect, companies should have stopped emailing you begging you to re-sign up to their marketing lists and should only process your data (whether electronic or on paper) according to the new regulations. A point which has often been missed

ICO Nuisance calls and message reporting unavailable since GDPR came into force

It looks like the country has taken GDPR to heart as the Information Commissioner's Office can't cope with all the reports. Currently the ICO Nuisance calls and message reporting is unavailable after GDPR kicked in on Friday. GDPR has been remarkably ineffective to date with the

All you need to know about VAT when selling online internationally

Over the past ten weeks, we partnered with InterCultural Elements to bring you a 10 part video series to give you a head start on expanding your sales to new territories. This week, in the final episode we turn our attention to cross border VAT

Global merchants are affected by GDPR compliance too

The US The National Retail Federation (NRF) together with EuroCommerce have published a paper explaining about the impact of GDPR compliance, the now well-known in the EU at least, data and privacy law that came into force last week. Of particular note, is the the

It’s GDPR Day and there’s one thing that online ecommerce merchants should remember

At Tamebay we’ve been writing about GDPR for months trying to get to grips with what it might mean in the future and how it might impact online merchants, especially those selling on marketplaces. The most recent and most useful piece was called: The 7