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By Chris Dawson June 5, 2019 - 12:50 pm

Marketplace approaches to more sustainable shipping packaging

The Internet is changing how we shop but it's also changing the products we buy. Whilst on a shop shelf, packaging has to jump out at consumers and shout "Buy me!", online merchants use images to sell the product and shipping packaging is less important. How

Millennials not as environmentally friendly as over 35s

In a survey of UK adults by Whistl, 75% of respondents said they wanted e-retailers to minimise parcel packaging waste and use environmentally friendly materials for packaging their online purchases. In a surprise finding, Millennials do not appear to be as environmentally friendly as previously thought

The Savile Row Company sets the Eco-Friendly Packaging Standard

The Savile Row Company can be found in the heart of London’s Savile Row, home to the world’s finest tailors and have been crafting finely tailored shirts. With a flagship bespoke store at No 40 Savile Row they have also created a mail order business

Amazon September deadline for brands to improve product packaging

Back in December, it was revealed that Amazon identified CRaP products (Can’t Realise a Profit) which Amazon retail didn't really want to sell. These are heavy or bulky products they sell which are expensive to store and fulfil and Amazon would rather that Brands fulfilled

The Tamebay Ecommerce Papers

Over the course of the last year, Tamebay have compiled a series of papers delving into all aspects of ecommerce from the very latest technologies including Virtual Assistants and Artificial Intelligence to search, delivery, regulation and International Selling. Today the Tamebay Ecommerce Papers are available

Packaging Tax for manufactures to pay for recycling schemes

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Environment Agency (DEFRA) have set out plans to increase household recycling, which their latest report shows has flatlined in England. In typical government fashion they've decided that, rather than simply fix the problem, charging manufacturers a

Royal Mail Christmas incentive launches music letterboxes

Royal Mail have introduced a Christmas incentive that will see 'music letterboxes' playing festive tunes across four secret locations in the UK. The supplier says that the new launch will add "fun" to a mundane task that requires posting a letter. Shoppers who will come in

Amazon invite companies to become Amazon Private Label

Traditionally there have been two ways to sell on Amazon - as a merchant where you list and sell your own products and as a vendor where you sell your products to Amazon retail who purchase from you in bulk. Now there's a third way

France to ban non-recycled plastic packaging by 2025

France is aiming towards a target of 100% recycled plastics in 2025, against the 20% that is recycled today. They are also proposing a 10% surcharge for goods sold in non-recycled plastic along with products that are in recycled plastic costing 10% less. The idea