Retailers should be considering everything when it comes to packaging; from protection to branding, and how to delight the customer. Read our Packaging Position Paper.
By Chris Dawson February 1, 2019 - 9:00 am

The Tamebay Ecommerce Papers

Over the course of the last year, Tamebay have compiled a series of papers delving into all aspects of ecommerce from the very latest technologies including Virtual Assistants and Artificial Intelligence to search, delivery, regulation and International Selling. Today the Tamebay Ecommerce Papers are available

Packaging Tax for manufactures to pay for recycling schemes

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Environment Agency (DEFRA) have set out plans to increase household recycling, which their latest report shows has flatlined in England. In typical government fashion they've decided that, rather than simply fix the problem, charging manufacturers a

Royal Mail Christmas incentive launches music letterboxes

Royal Mail have introduced a Christmas incentive that will see 'music letterboxes' playing festive tunes across four secret locations in the UK. The supplier says that the new launch will add "fun" to a mundane task that requires posting a letter. Shoppers who will come in

Amazon invite companies to become Amazon Private Label

Traditionally there have been two ways to sell on Amazon - as a merchant where you list and sell your own products and as a vendor where you sell your products to Amazon retail who purchase from you in bulk. Now there's a third way

France to ban non-recycled plastic packaging by 2025

France is aiming towards a target of 100% recycled plastics in 2025, against the 20% that is recycled today. They are also proposing a 10% surcharge for goods sold in non-recycled plastic along with products that are in recycled plastic costing 10% less. The idea

How to Brand Your Packaging

The ability to Brand Your Packaging is something many retailers would be keen to do but often the expense has held them back. Today DS Smith ePack share some thoughts on how to brand your packaging in a cost affordable manner. They discuss why you

Packhelp startup raises €2m to supply customised low order quantity packaging

In Tamebay's Packaging Position Paper I wrote "A box can be so much more than just a box" and went on to say "One of the most powerful uses of packaging can be to reinforce your brand. There is a cost implication which for small

What does your packaging say about your brand?

Greggs the high street food outlet recently went undercover at a foodies festival to try and change the general perception that they are the place you go when you want a sausage roll or pasty. It was to launch the new summer range at Greggs

Is recyclable packaging a waste of time?

In the Tamebay Packaging Position Paper published earlier today, I wrote "Some retailers will accept the additional costs to source recyclable packaging but in truth their efforts and expense may largely be wasted if there’s not a simple convenient way for the end consumer to

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