Retailers should be considering everything when it comes to packaging; from protection to branding, and how to delight the customer. Read our Packaging Position Paper.
By Chris Dawson August 6, 2018 - 1:00 pm

How to Brand Your Packaging

The ability to Brand Your Packaging is something many retailers would be keen to do but often the expense has held them back. Today DS Smith ePack share some thoughts on how to brand your packaging in a cost affordable manner. They discuss why you

Packhelp startup raises €2m to supply customised low order quantity packaging

In Tamebay's Packaging Position Paper I wrote "A box can be so much more than just a box" and went on to say "One of the most powerful uses of packaging can be to reinforce your brand. There is a cost implication which for small

What does your packaging say about your brand?

Greggs the high street food outlet recently went undercover at a foodies festival to try and change the general perception that they are the place you go when you want a sausage roll or pasty. It was to launch the new summer range at Greggs

Is recyclable packaging a waste of time?

In the Tamebay Packaging Position Paper published earlier today, I wrote "Some retailers will accept the additional costs to source recyclable packaging but in truth their efforts and expense may largely be wasted if there’s not a simple convenient way for the end consumer to

Read the Tamebay Packaging Position Paper

Each week we are releasing a new position paper, aiming to capture different news which crosses multiple marketplaces and channels and collate the news on the different subjects, to make it easier for you to find when it’s of interest. This week we turn our focus

Tamebay Position Paper:

Download or read online This position paper on Packaging is available as a free download to read offline at your convenience, or carry on reading below. Packaging Every product which sells online must be shipped and that involves packaging of one description or another. A purely utilitarian usage

EU to ban single use plastic packaging by 2030

The EU have pledged that all plastic packaging will be recyclable and it will only take 12 years to achieve this goal spelling the end of single use packaging. The first-ever Europe-wide strategy on plastics is a part of the transition towards a more circular economy.

How green will your business be in 2018?

A New Year is traditionally the time for New Year resolutions and one that might be worth asking this year is how green is your business? Being green doesn't make money, but it might save money and make you more attractive to environmentally conscious buyers. However

Bubblewrap tax could be considered in Autumn Budget

It's budget week and it's widely predicted that the Chancellor will take the opportunity to call for evidence on whether a plastic tax could reduce the consumption of single use plastics. You'll see much of the news reaction concentrate on plastic bottles and takeaway trays,