In our position paper, we examine what is mobile and what does the mobile commerce revolution mean for retailers, brands and etailers using marketplaces and the web to sell, including:

• What is mobile
• How to 'Go' Mobile
• Marketplaces and Mobile
• Mobile Marketing
• Mobile Payments

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By Paul Skeldon April 10, 2018 - 5:11 pm

Tamebay Position Paper:

Mobile commerce has grown in popularity among consumers over the past ten years as phones have morphed into handheld computers and network connectivity has blossomed into a rich web of broadband services over wifi and 4G. According to the latest figures from eMarketeer, some 6% of

eBay wants to appeal increasingly to millennial shoppers

eBay's top team have their eyes set on the millennial shoppers with deep pockets, it seems. If recent comments from the Chief Product Officer RJ Pittman are anything to go by, mobile is front and centre (and rightly so). But what might that mean for

WhatsApp Payments launch in India

WhatsApp recently launched their app for small businesses and now are looking to WhatsApp payments which are launching in India According to the company, 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil say WhatsApp helps them both communicate with customers and grow their business so it's

Countingup banking app – business accounts for sole traders

Banking for small businesses, especially sole traders, often means using your personal current account or a second personal account for your business. Today a new entrant to the banking market aims to shake up small business banking and will throw in features such as profit

Leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S9 box reveals phone features

What purports to be an image of the Samsung Galaxy S9 retail box has been posted on Imgur and reveals some interesting features of Samsung's upcoming handset which is expected to be officially announced at the Mobile World Congress in February. A 5.8" screen comes with

eBay ‘Why to Buy’ signals now on mobile

eBay have added ‘Why to Buy’ signals to their mobile apps. The signals aim to quickly highlight the reasons you should buy the item you're looking at. The ‘Why To Buy’ signals are currently live on desktop, iOS and Android in the US, UK, Germany

The Amazon India Great Indian Sale is coming in January

The new Amazon India promotional event that's coming up is billed as the Great Indian Sale. It's scheduled for January 20th until the 24th of January 2018 and promises to be a big ecommerce extravaganza on the sub-continent. But what exactly is it? The clue is

eBay is bigging up Green Monday as a sales event

Invented sales events aren’t new. There’s Singles Day in China and now Black Friday is a well established tradition. eBay is now celebrating ten years of Green Monday. eBay is doing its best to muscle in now with what it calls Green Monday. This video explains

Amazon Relay app for freight hauliers

Amazon have launched an app for drivers delivering to their fulfilment centres - Amazon Relay helps drivers save time at Amazon Fulfillment and Sort Center by using the app to pre-register loads and get gate passes on their smartphones. How Amazon Relay works Download the FREE Amazon

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