Marketplace Fulfilment

Some of the best-known marketplaces offer fulfilment services to large and small retailers alike. We offer impartial analysis of how they can help streamline your marketplace sales. Read our Marketplace Fulfilment Position Paper
By Chris Dawson July 18, 2018 - 10:37 am

An inside look at Amazon Prime Air fleet

Amazon Prime day doubtless put a strain on Amazon Logistics and third party carriers as they rushed to deliver customer's purchases around the world, but what's not often realised is that Amazon have a whole fleet of Prime Air planes at their disposal to assist. Latest

Why Fulfilment by eBay is crucial in Australia… But what about the UK and US?

eBay have a problem in Australia - for many years they have been the defacto marketplace but now Amazon has arrived on the continent they've got a serious contender. That's why they've launched Fulfilment by eBay first in Australia and it's also why many other

Fulfilment by eBay rolls out in Australia

Up until now, eBay have pretty much left sellers to fulfil orders, although they've provided some valuable assistance in the form of their Global Shipping Program and Click and Collect to assist small sellers on the marketplace to offer big retailer delivery solutions. Now, in

New eBay Italy Return Labels platform launched for buyers and sellers

eBay Italy have a new returns solution enabling both buyers and sellers to purchase returns labels through a new eBay Italy Return Labels platform. Making returns easy for buyers is a key reassuring factor which can influence whether a purchase is made, and whilst in

Amazon Delivery Service Partner program recruiting thousands of drivers

It's been known for a long time that Amazon Logistics contracts local private couriers to perform last mile deliveries for marketplace, including supplying the tech in the form of handheld devices to ensure tracking is uploaded and delivery location images and signatures are captured. Now

Tmall try before you buy fashion service

Tmall have launched a try before you buy service, similar to Amazon Wardrobe which launched a year ago but just expanded to all Amazon US Prime members. The proposition is that you can try on clothes in your own home before committing to purchase them. Alibaba

eBay Delivery powered by Shutl adds bulk print and adult signatures

If you use eBay to print postage labels then you'll be pleased to know that eBay Delivery powered by Shutl has launched bulk label printing. A second useful addition is the ability to specify adult signatures on delivery. This is useful if you're selling age

Amazon Prime Wardrobe rolled out to all US Prime members

Amazon Prime Wardorbe launched to selected American users last June, but has now rolled out to all Prime Members across the US in a try before you buy scheme for fashion. The offer is to pick between three and eight self curated items to create your

Amazon Australia Prime launched but is it any good?

Amazon Prime has launched in Australia and already there have been comparisons made with Prime in other areas of the world and complaints that it's not good enough. Amazon Australia Prime, costing $59 per year is offering free delivery within two business days in Sydney,