International Selling

As an ecommerce enterprise develops, amibitous merchants soon find they outgrow their domestic market. The obvious option is to look overseas to tap into new markets. Read our International Selling Position Paper.
By Sasha Fedorenko July 24, 2019 - 10:05 am

UPS new international shipping service to support merchants’ expansion plans

UPS today announced the launch of UPS new international shipping service aimed at supporting merchants' expansion plans. The new service will be initially available to customers in the UK, US, Canada, China and Hong Kong ahead of the wider rollout. Merchants who are interested in

Peak sales data reveals new pan-European sales opportunities

The European online division of Ingenico Group have released ecommerce transaction peak sales data insights which indicate a greater pan-European business opportunity for online merchants during highly targeted peak shopping events. Analysing peak sales data trends from Black Friday transactions over the past three years, Ingenico

‘International giants pose challenge to Russian businesses:’ CEO of new Russian marketplace

"Russian companies see the challenge of competing with international giants," is how the CEO of new Russian marketplace pins the position of Russian ecommerce players in the global marketplace industry. Speaking to Tamebay, Vladimir Stupnikov, CEO of SPUTNIK marketplace starts describing the development of the Russian

New Parcelforce Worldwide Tariff Code look up tool

Parcelforce Worldwide has launched a new Tariff Code look up tool. Tariff Codes are thr internationally recognised standard which enable the easy identification of items by customs authorities, regardless of language barriers. Parcelforce Worldwide’s Tariff Code look up tool launches as the use of Tariff

29 new Newegg country sites added in latest expansion

Newegg, a marketplace with global reach in 80 countries have announced they were expanding with the addition of 29 new Newegg country sites. It was just two years ago that Newegg announced their expansion to 50 Newegg country sites and at the time they indicated that

The UK cross-border retail to outpace domestic by four fold in 2020

The UK cross-border is set to be the largest net exporter, outpacing domestic trade by four-fold by 2020, says analysis Cracking the World's Largest Ecommerce Markets by PayPal. According to the report, international commerce in the UK is set to be worth £28 billion next year.

How do shoppers’ preferences differ across global markets?

The onus is on sellers to persuade shoppers to purchase. Cross-border merchants will often find that shoppers' preferences influenced by culture, local trends and solutions differ from domestic buying expectations. This raises a question. How can cross-border sellers deliver a personalised approach for overseas shoppers

Indian sellers on the rise on international marketplaces

Indian sellers see the biggest sales spike on the international marketplace, compared to any other country in the world, says new report The Global Seller Index – Q1 2019 by Payoneer. The Global Seller Index polled 100,000 merchants actively selling on international marketplaces. It highlights the

96% of US eBay small business sellers reach 17 global countries

The majority (96%) of US eBay small business sellers export and reach an average of 17 different foreign countries with their products, says new 'US Small Online Business Trade and Inclusive Growth' report by eBay. The report details the global trade achievements of eBay-enabled small businesses