Artificial Intelligence

Whether you sell on your own webshop, marketplaces or other ecommerce platforms across the web, the use of Artificial Intelligence is not just desirable and profitable, but essential in today’s world. Read our Artificial Intelligence Position Paper  
By Sasha Fedorenko June 4, 2019 - 10:30 am

PayPal Commerce Platform launch set to support sellers’ growth as ecommerce progresses

PayPal today announced the launch of the PayPal Commerce Platform which is designed to meet the individual needs of marketplace merchants by offering them a set of services and tools. PayPal say that there has been a significant change in ecommerce in recent years and several

3 eBay seller-focused strategies: ‘Velocity, protection and comfortable selling’

"Sellers want velocity. Sellers want protection. Sellers want a place that they feel comfortable selling," is what Devin Wenig says are three eBay seller-focused strategies. Speaking at eBay shareholder meeting, Devin Wenig, chief executive officer of eBay, discussed the development of the marketplace as a hub

eBay artificial intelligence tool sees cross-border sales boosts

The launch of an eBay artificial intelligence tool saw cross-border sales rise on the marketplace, says a new study Does machine translation affect international trade? evidence from a large digital platform. The research analysed the effect of eBay switching to eBay Machine Translation (eMT) had on

‘Amazon is like Marmite:’ Steven Kluk of Trackpack

"Amazon is like Marmite," is how Steven Kluk of Trackpack refers to the ecommerce giant which he says marketplace sellers either love or hate. However, he says that marketplace sellers should get to love Marmite. Speaking at a panel 'What's next for Amazon?' at ChannelAdvisor Connect

Etsy search evolution: Etsy uses machine learning to boost search-based purchases

Etsy search is using Google Cloud machine learning technology to return the most relevant products to customers, reports The Wall Steet Journal. According to Etsy's chief technology officer, Mike Fisher "getting the first page right" is vital to the marketplace. Etsy's large inventory of 60 million

Alibaba voice-powered makeup mirror offers beauty goods

Alibaba voice-powered makeup mirror, Tmall Genie Queen has launched on Tmall following its debut at Alibaba's annual Tmall Beauty Awards in March. The Tmall Genie Queen responds to voice commands to offer consumers beauty tips, beauty-routine reminders and branded content. It aims to promote beauty branded

eBay introduces AI-guided shopping for similar-looking items

eBay have recently introduced an AI-guided shopping experience for similar-looking items on their Android and iOS apps in the US, UK, Australia and Germany. The new feature aims to find visually similar items shoppers might have in mind but not sure how to describe them

AI, machine learning & automation in ecommerce data

Chris from Chris Turton Ecommerce is an ecommerce and marketplace consultant passionate about understanding how online businesses tick. He writes from experience and tries to answer questions from sellers to improve and share his knowledge. Today, Chris shares an update on AI, machine learning &

Amazon re:MARS event: How artificial intelligence will shape the future

Amazon have announced the registration for their Amazon re:MARS, machine learning, automation, robotics, and space event. It focused on exploring the future of artificial intelligence (AI) so that attendees can adopt practical solutions to improve their customer service. The registration for the event, taking place