Artificial Intelligence

Whether you sell on your own webshop, marketplaces or other ecommerce platforms across the web, the use of Artificial Intelligence is not just desirable and profitable, but essential in today’s world. Read our Artificial Intelligence Position Paper  
By Dan Wilson July 31, 2018 - 6:38 pm

Should the marketplaces enable customer support chatbots for merchants?

Industry reports and trends are clear: customer support chatbots are the future. As machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies improve, then the computers can increasingly automatically answer questions from interested shoppers with the hopeful aim of clinching a sale or resolving a post-transactional problem. If truth

Scandit $30m funding to accelerate mobile vision platform growth

Scandit have raised $30 million in Series B funding to accelerate global expansion and further develop its mobile computer vision platform to support advanced capabilities across any camera-equipped device. The funding will propel Scandit’s long-term vision of bringing the Internet of Things to everyday objects.

5 major online shopping trends of 2018

The key online shopping trends for 2018 are all technology based. While we’re already half way through the year, there’s still time to capitalise on some of the year’s top ecommerce trends, especially with the busiest trading period still to come. Currencies Direct have gathered

eBay UK Launch eBay Image Search

eBay have today launched eBay Image Search on their UK country site. Image search offers a new way to search for items that are hard to describe and, through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables consumers to search for them as easy

Alibaba’s Artificial Intelligence copywriter could write listings for you

Fed up with writing listings and then editing them for email marketing, banner ads and other places that you need copy for? If you're like most people you spend hours cribbing from competitor listings and manufacturer's sites for ideas to produce your own unique copy,

Low quality eBay offers to be suppressed with AI

Bad offers actually undermine confidence in the platform says eBay's Bob Kupbens. Offers such as save a dollar on a $500 item aren't good eBay offers. At the end of the day says Bob, you want to see offers that are going to drive conversion. The

How Amazon works – they rely on Artificial Intelligence

Bloomberg have published an interesting piece on how Amazon works and the key takeaway is that they're less and less reliant on humans for Amazon retail. Gradually tasks such as forecasting have been automated and humans have become reluctant to overrule the machines (even if a

Robot writer adds AI poetry to product descriptions for

One of E-commerce giant’s most productive employees is a prolific writer who can create product descriptions and tailored shopping guides in mere seconds. But he’s not human. Powered by AI-based natural language generation (NLG) technology, JD’s writing robot Li Bai draws on the company’s massive trove of

PayPal acquires Jetlore AI powered prediction platform

PayPal have acquired Jetlore, a company founded in 2011 by Ph.D. students from Stanford University's computer science program with the goal of applying the power of machine learning to the retail market. Jetlore’s proprietary prediction platform give the ability to deliver personalized customer experiences to increase