Artificial Intelligence

In our position paper, we examined the need for Artificial Intelligence and explored solutions for SME's, large retailers and brands, including:

• Common examples of Artificial Intelligence
• Online Retailers and Big Data
• The need for Artificial Intelligence in online retail
• Implementing AI on your own website
• Chatbots, virtual assistants and voice search

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By Chris Dawson April 25, 2018 - 1:16 pm

Amazon’s new Fire TV Cube device coming soon

An enigmatic page has appeared on Amazon for a Fire TV Cube product which hasn't yet been announced. Details are sparse, but it would appear likely that it's a bigger version of the Amazon Fire TV range and will have Amazon Alexa functionality built in -

Tamebay Position Paper:
Artificial Intelligence

Download or read online This position paper on Artificial Intelligence is available as a free download to read offline at your convenience, or carry on reading below. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such

FlixBus 1st bus company to add booking with Google Assistant

Shopping hasn't made it as far as Google Assistant in Europe yet, but you can now book your European coach journey thanks to a new Google Assistant integration from FlixBus. It's the first bus company anywhere in the world to embrace artificial intelligence and enable

First pedestrian killed by a driverless car

In sad news an Uber autonomous driverless car was involved in a collision with a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. The lady was taken to hospital and later died of her injuries. This is believed to be the first time an autonomous self driving car has

New Google Shopping Actions – ‘Google Marketplace’ Launch

Google has added a raft of marketplace type features to their paid search offering with Google Shopping Actions. They've added new ways for buyers to purchase on Google Assistant and in Google Search and for merchants there's the attractiveness of only paying for a successful

UPS chatbot now on Google Assistant & Google Home

The UPS chatbot is now available on Google Assistant, giving customers another convenient way to retrieve information on package deliveries and other UPS services via the Assistant on Android phones, iPhones, smart speakers like Google Home and other compatible devices. The chatbot’s expansion to the Google

eBay Launches ‘Shop the Celebrity Look’ powered by AI

eBay's investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues with their new Shop the Celebrity Look immersive shopping experience. The new experience allows consumers to buy products direct from photos of celebrity influencers - either the exact item they are wearing or cheaper alternatives. Similar to their invests in Blockchain and AI development programme to improve supply and shipping

Leading Chinese marketplace and B2C retailer, has launched a new programme to develop AI and Blockchain solutions to help create better supply chains and better product tracking for its merchants and customers. Beginning in March, AI Catapult, which is part of JD’s AI programme, will

ASA clear Echo devices of accidental orders

With all new technology comes teething problems and it appears that even Amazon aren't immune with their new Alexa powered range of Echo devices. There have been a number of stories in the press over products being ordered when a the sound from TV adverts