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By Sasha Fedorenko March 22, 2019 - 5:07 pm

What will be the impact of Amazon US price parity U-turn?

Amazon US lifted the price parity policy last week, opening the door to changes in the way sellers allocate competitive product prices across their multiple trading channels. Sellers trading on can now manipulate their product pricing points on their websites or other marketplaces as

The Amazon effect: 74% of shoppers choose Amazon as their go-to-place

Some 74% of consumers choose Amazon as their go-to-place when ready to buy a specific product, says the study by Feedvisor. The research analysed consumer behaviour of 2k US shoppers who have purchased from Amazon within the past two years. According to the study, 66% of shoppers

Google faces €1.5bn fine from EU over ‘illegal’ anti-competitive conduct

Google are facing a €1.5bn (£1.29bn) fine from the European Union (EU) for 'illegal' anti-competitive practices towards rival online search advertisers. This news marks the third time the EU fined Google for search and advertising misconduct. The EU accused Google's owner Alphabet of restricting third-party competitors from

‘Use data to understand buyers and competition:’ Optiseller CEO

'Use data to understand buyers and competition,' is the advice Optiseller CEO gives to marketplace sellers to succeed in 2019. Speaking to Tamebay, Craig MacCallum, CEO of Optiseller starts emphasising on the importance of data. He points to the advantage of data in helping sellers improve

Non-EU retailers generate 80% of their cross-border sales on marketplaces

Retailers outside of the European Union generate 80% of their cross-border sales on marketplaces, with Amazon leading with £27bn in revenue in 2018, says Top 500 cross-border retail Europe report by cbcommerce. According to the research countries such as Western Europe and Scandinavia, £30bn were

Royal Mail sustainability trial to ‘clean up London’s toxic air’

A Royal Mail sustainability trial will see couriers using eight e-trikers for six months to deliver parcels to customers. The eco-friendly initiatives aims to replace polluting vehicles with 'green' electric vehicles to "clean up London's toxic air." David Gold, director of public affairs and policy at

Royal Mail CDC pension scheme gets government commitment

The Government have expressed their commitment to Royal Mail and the CWU today, to bring forward legislation to enable Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pension scheme at the earliest opportunity. We have reported on Royal Mail and the CWU reaching an agreement acceptable to both parties

eBay Chinese seller blackmails UK merchant over bad review

An eBay Chinese seller has blackmailed a UK merchant into removing a bad review after the Chinese seller refused to "refund poor quality items" which were thought to be from London. While the Chinese sellers' location abuse isn't news anymore, it highlights an underlying problem of

Amazon re:MARS event: How artificial intelligence will shape the future

Amazon have announced the registration for their Amazon re:MARS, machine learning, automation, robotics, and space event. It focused on exploring the future of artificial intelligence (AI) so that attendees can adopt practical solutions to improve their customer service. The registration for the event, taking place