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By Sasha Fedorenko January 23, 2019 - 1:10 pm

No-deal Brexit logistics: ‘stockpiling is one of the solutions’

Stockpiling the necessary volume of goods for trading in the event of no-deal Brexit "is one of the solutions" for merchants, says Pinder Sahota, general manager UK of Novo Nordisk. Speaking of the concerns and growing uncertainty of Brexit, Sahota said that stockpiling is the first step

First drone delivery pilot in Indonesia

The first drone delivery pilot in Indonesia has launched, opening the doors to the future use of drones as a delivery tool. The drone delivery trial presents an opportunity for commercial drone use in Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region, subject to further regulatory approvals. The

Amazon face GDPR scandal over ‘violation of consumers’ rights’

Amazon have come under fire for "violation of consumers' rights" as they failed to fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EU non-profit privacy group, noyb found that the marketplace failed to supply additional information to which consumers are entitled to under the EU law. It

VAT rules to blame for destruction of returned stock, say Amazon France

Amazon France are blaming the French VAT regulations for forcing them to destroy returned stock after the marketplace came under fire for getting rid of unsold products in massive quantities. Last week, Amazon was reported to have destroyed €293k (£259k) worth of unsold stock over nine months in one

Meet the company: Hallmark Consumer Services

With Christmas out of the way, many online businesses will be assessing how their fulfilment processes stacked up and already making plans for Christmas 2019. Where once, peak was the run up to Christmas, there are now multiple peak selling periods throughout the year

Amazon re:MARS AI conference announced

Amazon re:MARS is a new AI event for Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space. The event is inspired by MARS, an intimate invite-only event that brings together innovative minds to share new ideas across these rapidly advancing domains. re:MARS will combine the latest in forward-looking

EDITORIAL Mobile and marketplaces create new opportunities for all retailers

The increasing mobility of shoppers – the move to shopping on the move – has been a long and slow development in retail, which has often been slow to react. While much of the retail industry still struggles to get to grips with people shopping online, consumers

Logistics sector on Brexit: ‘would be catastrophic for the UK’s supply chain’

Last night Theresa May won a no confidence vote in the Commons by a 325-vote margin of 306-marking 24 hours after a large margin rejected her Brexit deal. Speaking in Downing Street after the government won the no confidence vote, May has reminded the MPs that

Amazon addresses criticism on ‘taking an unfair share of profit’ from authors

Amazon have dubbed a new report by The Author's Guild as "flawed and contradictory" after it claimed that the marketplace are "taking an unfair share of profit" from authors in the US. The survey of US writers' earnings says that book income saw a 21% decline