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This channel is dedicated to the large retailers and brands selling on marketplaces, helping those who need to work the marketplaces like seasoned pros, yet must simultaneously navigate complex, international markets.
By Paul Skeldon March 23, 2018 - 4:44 am

Lack of trust sees consumers unwilling to spend more than £1000 online – but marketplaces have the edge

Despite ecommerce growing rapidly and continuously, consumers still don’t trust most brands enough to spend more than £1000 online – although if they trust anyone it is going to be marketplaces. Research by e-commerce agency, PushON of 1000 UK shoppers finds that customers would feel more reassured

Consumers want new ways to pay and better security – but aren’t keen on Cryptocurrencies

Shoppers want new ways to pay, including prepaid cards, spread payments and try-before-you-buy but are less keen on using cryptocurrencies, despite the hype. According to a survey of 650 shoppers by Intrapay, consumers want payments to give them more control of their money: spreading the payments

Ireland’s shoppers biggest marketplace and mobile users in the UK, making it an ideal export market

Online marketplaces in Ireland are thriving with shoppers using them more frequently than those in the UK. According to the Royal Mail, 78% of online shoppers use marketplaces compared to 69% in the UK. Delivery ratings are important to Ireland’s shoppers when it comes to marketplaces.

Is Google becoming a marketplace? Shopping Action Programme certainly makes it look like one

Google in the US has rolled out a new programme – Google Shopping Actions – designed to make it easier for searchers to buy what they find, rather than being directed off to Amazon and eBay and making Google look more like a marketplace. Retailers in the deal will see Geely SUV drivers able to shop from their cars in China, China’s largest retailer, is extending its smart home platform, Alpha, to the auto industry, making it possible for drivers to make e-commerce purchases directly from their cars. Through a partnership Geely’s 2018 Boyue SUV will be the first model to include JD’s Alpha-powered connected car

GUEST OPINION Selling branded products in the age of the smart home

Smart  speakers, voice assistants… call them what you will but they are starting to become ever-more popular – and soon people will be using them for shopping. So how do branded goods merchants get ready for the voice revolution? Daniel Barnicle, Group Vice President, Consumer Products

EDITORIAL Retailers and brands ignore marketplaces at their peril

Shoppers and shopping are changing – but retailers and brands are proving slow to adapt to these rapid changes: and it is costing them dearly. Increasingly, consumers are turning to mobile devices to research and browse – if not actually buy – everything from groceries to clothes. But this

UK retailers failing to invest in marketplaces – and lose customers as a result

Half of UK retailers are in decline because they are failing to invest in using marketplace platform as part of an omni-channel strategy, a new study warns. According to a new study by ecommerce and digital agency Visualsoft, which analysed 240 of the UK’s leading retailers,61% of retailers are

Voice assistants and product buttons failing to excite shoppers en masse – for now

Voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home may not be the retail disruptors that many have said they could be. In fact, a lot of technology such as smartwatches, dedicated product buttons and connected appliances are all failing to tickle the shopping fancy of

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