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By Chris Dawson January 12, 2018 - 8:13 pm

AO report double digit growth at end of their 3rd Quarter reported double digit growth at the end of their third quarter - up 11.2% for the year with an increase of 16.6% year on year for the quarter ending on the 31st of December 2017. Black Friday being spread out over a two week period

From eBay seller to recognised industry brand – One retailer’s rise to fame

Over the years I've seen many businesses launch on eBay and largely remain as an eBay business and for many companies that's fine. There's nothing wrong with being a successful marketplace seller, but for those that want to grow beyond the safe confines of a

What to expect from AI and Visual search in 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is geek speak for getting computers to do a ton of highly complex research into customer behaviour or database interrogation in the blink of an eye and present some interesting results. If you've ever used a SatNav you'll be familiar with how

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