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By Chris Dawson June 20, 2017 - 11:26 am

How to get started selling on Newegg (Video)

At last week's Newegg Seller Day they announced that the marketplace is opening up globally in 50 new countries, of which the UK has been a beta country. Newegg started as a US based tech retailer with a focus on customer service and support. They have

Cracking the Newegg Marketplace

Today, about 200 ecommrce soldiers lined up to dip themselves into a day full of "Newegginess", as Neil Tunbridge introduced the New Newegg Seller Day which is currently taking place in the Docklands as part of London Tech Week. Newegg is a tech based platform with

Newegg Seller Day 15/6/17

At ChannelAdvisor Catalyst today, Newegg are speaking about the opportunities they can offer UK and EU retailers to expand their cross border business, not just in the UK but around the world. I also discovered that Newegg are going to be holding a Seller Day in

Why you should never select “does not apply” for a GTIN on eBay

I'm seeing many hundreds of listings on eBay where the seller has simply added "does not apply" in place of a GTIN. Often I suspect it's because the seller hasn't invested in buying GTINs (Generally EANs in the UK and EU) for their own products,

Newegg to launch in 20 new countries including China

Newegg have just announced that they will be launching a standalone China Marketplace later this year, which will be the first of a few new Market entries in 2017. They have ambitions to launch in 20 new countries in the course of the next year. Newegg

Webinar: E-Exporting made simple | The USA 9/10/16

The US is the second largest ecommerce market globally and is expected to be worth $482 billion by 2018. With over 318 million potential customers and English as a shared language, the US offers a fantastic springboard for UK retailers looking to increase their international

Sell on Newegg Webinar 6/10/16

Newegg, the 2nd largest pure-play e-commerce retailer in the USA is looking for innovative, high quality goods from UK brands, manufacturers and retailers. As a seller on Newegg you can trade in the US market with less barriers and more traffic: Newegg is the ‘merchant of record’

Newegg marketplace meetup 7/9/16

If you would like to meet the Newegg Global seller team and explore the opportunities of selling with Newegg in the USA then their marketplace meetup is the event for you. With over 30M registered customers and 2015 merchandise sales of $2.85 Bn, Newegg offers a