By Dan Wilson June 22, 2017 - 8:54 am

eBay reveals two new Buy and Sell APIs at the Developer Conference

If you want to connect with eBay via an API (application programming interface), then you have two more options as of this week. This graphic from the Developer Conference event will give you a sense of the two new API options: Gail Frederick, Senior Director

Tamebay gets a mini makeover

We had a few tweaks to Tamebay yesterday afternoon and evening so you may have noticed a few differences (If you don't, hit F5 a few times to refresh your browser). Firstly we've got a new menu structure which gives us a lot more flexibility on

Welcome to Tamebay’s new home

Welcome back to Tamebay which is now fully migrated onto our shiny new server at Vidahost. We now have tons of bandwidth and the server should be able to handle more concurrent users than ever before. As far as we know everything is working but if

Tamebay is moving home

photo credit:xJason.Rogersx As part of the planned upgrades for Tamebay we’re going to be moving servers over the next few days. We’ve got a shiny new server all ready to go with Vidahost. Traffic on Tamebay has been higher than ever recently and the new

Upgrading TameBay for the future

Dan and I have been out all day today in rather exciting (at least for us!) meetings. We've met up with our superb new web designer and technical guys, who are going to be looking after the back end of TameBay in the future. As our

TameBay site changes: Comments and site features

AuctionBytes, (now known as EcommerceBytes but still referred to by many as AuctionBytes) have just announced a new comments policy. In order to comment on the site you'll now need to register with AB Verify to confirm your email address and have a unique name

Oops, did someone unplug TameBay?

Apologies to all for TameBay being a bit sparse on content for a few hours this morning. Something went awry and our fantastic Wordpress Guru, Jamie had to be called upon to break out the band aids and help our SQL server back onto it's

P4D launch a corporate blog worth reading

P4D, the parcel delivery guys have just launched the P4D blog Unlike the average company blog it doesn't just plug their products and company news but already has an eclectic range of posts that makes it well worth a read. My favourite post is the one

Sorry about that…

Thanks to all of you who've let us know over the last couple of days that TameBay was down. Turns out that letting people download an ebook from your own hosting may not be your smartest idea, unless you have unlimited bandwidth - which we

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