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By Chris Dawson March 27, 2020 - 5:27 pm

Amazon returns window extended to 31st May 2020

Merchants on Amazon will see the Amazon returns window extended to the 31st of May for all products sold between the 15th of February and the 30th of April. This will include products fulfilled by Amazon as well as those which merchants ship themselves. The reasoning

Hermes delay annual price rise during Coronavirus crisis

There was an annual price rise due for Hermes this Saturday, the 28th of March but due to the unprecedented situation the country finds itself in Hermes have pledged to hold their 2019 prices until May at the earliest. As previously planned, Hermes are still introducing

Royal Mail Makes It Even Easier to Send Mail From Home

Royal Mail have issued an update for online sellers who want to send mail from home during the Coronavirus crisis. They set out the ways in which you can self serve keeping contact to a minimum whilst continuing to despatch sales. “As one of the UK’s

Coronavirus Self-employed Income Support Scheme signals future taxation changes

There are a number of twists in the Coronavirus Self-employed Income Support Scheme which was announced today, not least of which is the bomb shell hint that there will be some rethinking of how the tax system works for self-employed workers in the future. Who is

eBay further listing restrictions for price gouging consumer sellers

From 26 March 2020, eBay are restricting the sale of all Tampons, Baby Wipes, and Nappies from the platform to stop price gouging consumer sellers. For an indefinite period, only business sellers will be permitted to continue trading these items at the appropriate prices. The new

Rishi Sunak announces Coronavirus help for self-employed workers

In the UK there are almost 5 million self-employed workers - just over 15% of the workforce and until today they hadn't been included in the Government's Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Many self-employed workers have seen their income vanish as soon as the Coronavirus crisis

Contactless parcel locker drop off with InPost

We have heard from many online sellers that they need to maintain their income during the Coronavirus crisis, but would also like to limit the time they spend in shops or the Post Office. Despatching parcels is a necessity if you continue selling online but

Amazon at last offer support to merchants impacted by Coronavirus

We're starting to see some support to merchants impacted by the Coronavirus emergency from Amazon. Amazon's initial response to the Coronavirus appear to have been firstly locking down on price gouging for essential supplies, then to suspend incoming FBA shipments for all products other than those

eBay offers lifeline for small businesses impacted by Coronavirus

eBay have today offered a lifeline for small businesses who don't currently sell on the marketplace. Many of these businesses are self employed and seen their income plummet as their shops or market stalls have been shut down and yet have stock ready to go.

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