EMAIL News is a US based marketplace offering consumers everyday low prices which drop even lower as you shop.
By Chris Dawson May 19, 2018 - 12:34 pm becomes an Apple authorised dealer

Walmart's subsidary has become an Apple authorised dealer which sets them aside from US rival Amazon who aren't an authorised dealer. On, you can now buy the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch, Apple TV, the new HomePod, AirPods, Beats headphones and a selection

NOTHS and Tesco veteran Simon Belsham takes on

Walmart owned marketplace has a new CEO and it's someone with a solid British background. Simon Belsham previously headed up and is also a former Tesco ecommerce staffer with a solid heritage. Now he is heading up Jet. Belsham will take the role vacated

Walmart to buy marketplace for $3.3bn

Walmart has agreed to buy for around $3.3bn. It's an interesting purchase, Jet's proposition is to sell stuff cheaper than Amazon and they've yet to make a profit. That's not altogether surprising when they're trying to be cheaper than Amazon, a company who have never

Walmart wants to acquire

Walmart, the biggest bricks and mortar retailer in the world, is in talks to buy according to the Wall Street Journal. Acquiring Jet would extend Walmart's capabilities and give them a much easier run at cutting a chunk out of Amazon's business. Jet was set

How’s doing after first year?

It's been one year since US-only marketplace arrived on the scene. It was based on a different premise: to start with it included a $49 annual subscription and the prices would be at their most competitive when a shopper bought in bulk, bundled up launches new Partner Insights Program is big news over the pond in the USA, as we've written about before. We're really interested as to whether and when they will be launching in the UK and Europe. And in the US they've launched Jet Partner Insights which is all about helping has 3.6 million customers

XSellco Price Manager has highlighted the dramatic growth that they're seeing from, the new ecommerce kid on the block with a recent blog post. As we reported last week, is expected to exceed $1bn in sales in May. This is in no small part expects $1bn of sales by May, a US ecommerce marketplace that offers deep discounts but not speedy delivery and encourages bundling of orders, is on course for a $ milestone. They only launched last July and, at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst in Las Vegas last week, Scott Hilton of Jet revealed they already drops membership fee

In the weeks since launched in the States, it's caused a lot of buzz and it's also proved to be rather successful. And one of the most interesting aspects was that they charged a membership fee to keep other costs down, talking of themselves as

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