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By Chris Dawson March 23, 2018 - 9:57 am

US votes Amazon #1 for customer satisfaction

For the third year in a row, customers voted Amazon #1 in Harris Poll's annual corporate reputation survey. Harris Poll surveys U.S. adults to evaluate public perceptions classified into six dimensions of corporate reputation: Workplace Environment, Social Responsibility, Emotional Appeal, Financial Performance, Vision & Leadership, and

First pedestrian killed by a driverless car

In sad news an Uber autonomous driverless car was involved in a collision with a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. The lady was taken to hospital and later died of her injuries. This is believed to be the first time an autonomous self driving car has

Swiss Post buys majority stake in bike courier start-up notime

The national post provider in Switzerland, Swiss Post, has revealed it has bought a 51% stake in bicycle courier company notime. The tech company enables bicycle courier services to consumers and offers swift delivery, usually same say and often within a few hours of collection. You

GS1 UK welcomes Amazon’s Patrick Pondaven to its Supervisory Board

GS1 UK, the supply chain and data standards organisation, has today announced that Patrick Pondaven, Director, Consumables at Amazon, has joined its Supervisory Board. Amazon joins at a time when GS1 UK is working closely with leading retailers and suppliers in grocery to implement an industry-wide

£12 to 26.4bn digital potential of rural areas

Unlocking the digital potential of rural areas across the UK could add £12 to 26.4bn annually in Gross Value Added (GVA) – equivalent to 4% to 8.% - to the rural economy and at least £15bn to rural business turnover each year, according to a

Amazon Recalls own brand battery chargers after 53 failures

Amazon have issued a product recall for 6 models of their own brand AmazonBasics portable battery chargers after 53 reports of overheating failures including one report of chemical burns due to contact with battery acid and four reports of property damage, including fire and smoke

eBay voted a Superbrand by consumers in 2018

eBay tell us that they are thrilled to announce that they have been awarded Consumer Superbrands status for 2018. It's worth noting that eBay are the only marketplace to be awarded the title. "With customers at the heart of everything we do, to be named a

Co-op initial roll out of Pay In Aisle Technology

With Amazon investing in Amazon Go checkoutless stores and Panasonic testing RFID walk through checkout you might think it takes a global company with massive technology resources to revolutionise in-store payments. That may not be true however as the Co-op, the UK's sixth largest supermarket

Amazon drones could become a reality in 2019

A local Reading company, Altitude Angel, could be the key to companies like Amazon to start widespread drone deliveries as early as 2019. NATS, the UK’s air traffic services provider, and fast-growing UK-based drone traffic management solutions company Altitude Angel, have entered a strategic partnership that