By Paul Skeldon November 24, 2017 - 10:40 am

Marketing tips to boost ecommerce sales from Black Friday to Christmas

Black Friday and the following avalanche of ecommerce activity that flows thereafter until the January sales kick in puts a massive strain on retailers. For the newbie it can be really daunting. But you have to get it right as it is the cash cow

4: Promote

Once you have set up any kind of ecommerce business, you need to know how to promote it: customers are unlikely to just find it. Make sure you're reaching the right customers, in the right places, and at the right time to improve your audience

Finding the right partners for mobile marketing

You may well have decided that mobile is the way you need to go to engage with your customers, clients and prospects, but how exactly do you go about doing that? Well the answer lies in finding the right partners. The mobile ecosystem is a complex

Five steps to email marketing automation success

Setting up automatic emails to go out in response to a specific customer behaviour, or dates, means that customers receive highly targeted communications. Years ago, all of this would have to be done manually, but now email marketing platforms are so remarkably sophisticated, they can literally

How to handle bad customer reviews

While customer reviews are an essential part of running any business, you are going to get some bad ones – sometime justified, sometimes not. What can you go to handle them? While it is hard to not take all criticism personally and go on the defensive,

75% of UK shoppers worried about fake online reviews

75% of UK shoppers are worried about fake online reviews, research by global reviews and customer insights company Feefo has found. The findings were revealed in a survey examining attitudes to online reviews among 2,000 UK consumers. Only seven per cent of those surveyed said they completely trust reviews

UK shoppers more likely to be positive in on-line reviews than negative

UK shoppers are more likely to post a positive on-line review than one that is negative, research by global reviews and customer insights company Feefo has found. Whereas 71% of UK shoppers will go on-line to leave a review if they have had a good experience of a

Four ways to personalise mobile marketing

In just the last few years, the mobile experience has taken a quantum leap, with users having integrated mobile devices in their lives as an essential personal tool within reach at all times. Consequently, consumers have become empowered as never before: They want brand engagement

Seven great tips for mobile marketing

So you have mobile optimised your website and your customers are starting to bite. But how do you reach out to new customers using mobile? Mobile is becoming a transactional channel for any etailer, but where it really comes into its own is in how it

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