By Lauren Fruncillo December 19, 2019 - 7:20 pm

Amazon ruin Christmas with revealing and tainted packaging

Here we go again... People are turning green and running off to live in a mountain outside of Whoville because Amazon ruin Christmas with their revealing or tainted packaging. No need for courier stickers to ruin retail packaging or having to tell Children that Santa delivered

Royal Mail peak period saw a 10% uplift in parcel handling

Royal Mail peak period experienced a 10% uplift in parcel handling, with 164m of parcels handled by the supplier during December. The supplier announced today their trading update covering the months ending on 23 December 2018. Royal Mail say that in nine months, parcel volumes and revenues saw a 6%

Shipworks The Works offers enhanced features

Shipworks, a largely US focused solution, has launched a series of robust product enhancements, including the launch of The Works. Shipworks The Works is a single piece shipping workflow designed to simplify warehouse shipping, especially for warehouses shipping large volumes enabling multiple carrier labels to

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P2P Mailing Limited offers a range of international and domestic
Hallmark Consumer Services is an award-winning, family owned business
Shipping Logistics Software Built for the Modern Age We have a
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ShipA Freight is the new online platform powered by Agility that