DIY Ecommerce Guide

By Paul Skeldon October 4, 2017 - 11:25 am

1: Getting Started

You've decided what you are selling, have created a business plan and even got your branding sorted. Now you need a website to go with it. In this opening section, take the first steps to future success in ecommerce; Reserve your domain and start building a

Magento on the move

No etailer can afford not to be mobile: it is a plain and simple fact that consumers are increasingly hitting web stores from mobile devices – and if you are not there to greet them with a nice mobile experience then they are going to probably

Mobile checkout: streamlining for conversion

With more people than ever shopping on mobile, working out how to convert them is a big challenge. Design, as we have seen, plays a big part, but so does checkout. If your mobile site is to work, your checkout must be optimised for conversions. Checkouts

6 ways to convert on mobile

With more shoppers than ever using their mobile devices to buy things – not to mention pretty much all of them using their mobile at some point in the purchase process – making sure you can convert those shoppers is becoming ever more pressing. So how can

5 ways retailers can get better at mobile

You don’t need to look far to find a huge statistic about the scale of m-commerce today. According to Oppenheimer, half of US shoppers use Amazon’s mobile app, and Alibaba revealed in its 2017 fiscal year statement that mobile revenue for its e-commerce business increased 80% to

What do we mean by mobile?

Today mobile is inherently a portable computer that can also make calls and send texts. With this in mind, all that really differentiates mobile from ‘traditional’ PCs is that they use a different operating system (OS) – that is the nuts and bolts that make

Revamp your website for the touchable world

These days to be a competitive e-commerce player you need to think well beyond the humble PC. Gone are the days when a mobile site was a luxury – now it is a necessity. With more and more consumers shopping on smartphones and the tablet computer

Getting to the bottom of the infinite scroll in ecommerce

The move to more mobile-centric forms of ecommerce – and the march to mobile is inevitable: 40% of etail traffic now comes from mobile – has had a dramatic impact on how consumers view websites (on all devices, even the PC) and has forced a rethink of

How to mobilise your existing content

From 21 April 2015, any eSeller’s Google ranking will drop if your site isn’t mobile friendly. But it is not just Google that will penalize you if you aren’t mobile friendly, your customers and potential customers will ignore you. So what can you do to mobilise

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