By Sasha Fedorenko March 21, 2019 - 2:46 pm

‘eBay paid its first cash dividend of 14 cents per share to shareholders:’ eBay CEO

"eBay paid its first cash dividend of 14 cents per share to shareholders:" is the news eBay CEO shared via Twitter yesterday. The announcement marks eBay's promise made in January to pay first-ever dividends to their investors in March. In the last quarter, eBay achieved $763m

The Amazon effect: 74% of shoppers choose Amazon as their go-to-place

Some 74% of consumers choose Amazon as their go-to-place when ready to buy a specific product, says the study by Feedvisor. The research analysed consumer behaviour of 2k US shoppers who have purchased from Amazon within the past two years. According to the study, 66% of shoppers

Google Pay on eBay Payments to roll out in April

Google Pay on eBay Payments is coming soon as a natural extension of payment choice for buyers following the roll out of Apple Pay back in October. Whilst Apple is a relatively popular mobile platform it's not the only player in town and Google Pay

Buyers get to decide eBay Best Offer expiration duration

eBay are to roll out the ability for buyers to decide how long any eBay Best Offer that they submit will be valid for. This is to be tested with a small group of buyers on in the US before being fully launched. There

Amazon launched new Kindle with adjustable front light

Amazon have launched yesterday new Kindle with a built-in adjustable light to enable consumers to read during day or night. The new Kindle is $89.99 (£68.24), with three months of Kindle Unlimited for free. Readers can adjust the display brightness to read in places with different

Amazon introduces Belei their first private-label skin care line

Amazon have introduced yesterday Belei their first private-label skincare line to offer shoppers solutions for various skin types. All Belei products are eligible for free shipping, including unlimited free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime, and come with Amazon Satisfaction Guarantee. The new collection has 12 different

Parcelforce for marketplace sellers new flat rates for express services

Following a recent promotion for marketplace sellers, Parcelforce Worldwide has introduced lower rates on express services for marketplace sellers when they integrate. Parcelforce for marketplace sellers offers cut flat rates for the two day service – express48 – and introduced a new flat rate for

eBay Retail Revival: £2 million boost for Wolverhampton businesses

The eBay Retail Revival partnership with the City of Wolverhampton is returning real results and has helped small retailers win more than £2 million in sales in its first six months. The aim of eBay Retail Revival is to demonstrate that small retailers can protect and

46 New Marketplaces to expand your business in 2019

It’s estimated that just over 50% of global ecommerce sales are made on marketplaces: that means that the pure-play online retailers are not the dominant force online. The majority of shoppers like a venue where they can shop around and compare the variety of goods