By Lauren Fruncillo February 19, 2020 - 7:27 pm

Parcel lockers with cold storage launched in Finland

On kylmä! The first robotic parcel lockers that allow cold storage have been launched in Finland. The service provides customers with a safe place to store and pick up groceries ordered online at any time of the day and is the creation of three companies

Shopify launches monthly guidance series, The Founder’s Zodiac

Shopify have just announced the launch of a monthly series called The Founder’s Zodiac but it's nothing to do with planet alignments. The new series provides entrepreneurs with stories, insights, and guidance for their particular founder type. Research conducted by Shopify has found some interesting

eBay DNS errors hit UK around midday

Around midday today there were a number of complaints that eBay could not be accessed due to eBay DNS errors. @AskeBay @eBay_UK @eBay @unsuckEBAY @ebaytech - eBay has crashed. DNS error outage at 12:28pm UK time!FFS!! When is eBay EVER going to work properly?— Andy

E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020 Awards Winners

More than 50 speakers, 180 exhibitors and 7000 visitors from all over the world came to Berlin to exchange knowledge and gather unique ecommerce insights. E-commerce Berlin Expo took place in STATION Berlin for the fifth time in a row and was bigger and more

Generation X shoppers driving explosion in online orders

Apparently it turns out that I'm your ideal customer! I'm one of the Generation X shoppers that can't stop myself from buying online and am pretty good at getting my orders delivered, unlike the young upstarts who are never at home, don't want to talk

Win an all expenses paid trip to visit Etsy HQ in Brooklyn

Would you like to win an all expenses paid trip to visit Etsy HQ in Brooklyn? Well you can in the Visit Etsy HQ Spring 2020 Contest. Before you read on, you need to be based in either the US, Canada or the UK... yes

Amazon Press tour witnesses police raid in Austria

When is a really bad time to get a police raid on your business? Possibly when it happens in the middle of a press tour and that's pretty much what happened for Amazon Austria this week. It's hard not to feel a little sorry for

Last call for Retail Without Borders 2020

With just 10 days to go, Retail Without Borders 2020 is going to be Pentagon's biggest conference ever. Spread over two days, if you're serious about expanding your overseas sales you'll get the opportunity to hear and meet more marketplaces at one conference than ever

Amazon cuts ties with delivery partners in U.S.

Amazon is cutting ties with small delivery partners in 5 states around the US in an effort to remove partners not meeting its standards, Bloomberg report. The delivery partners affected include Bear Down Logistics, an Illinois based company that despite its rapid expansion over the

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