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1. We believe that comments are basically good. Most people who blog like comments, just like eBayers like feedback. Chris and I are no different. Whether you want to put ‘good post’ or ‘I disagree’, post a longer response, or trackback from your own site, that’s all good.

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4. Please do not post personal information such as email or phone numbers. These will be deleted.


5. As per paragraph 2, linking to a commercial site as your website, and/or one link as a “signature” in your post, is permitted.

6. Commenting purely to post a link, or pretending to be one of your own customers endorsing your product, is spam, and will be deleted. Posting repetitive comments on single or multiple threads is spam whatever the content, and will be deleted.

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Don’t be a jerk

8. The editors of the site reserve the right to moderate, edit or delete any comments as necessary. We reserve the right to block any individual or group from commenting.

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Comment editing

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11. In rare instances, where comments would normally be deleted, we may contact you to offer the opportunity to edit them instead. Tip: if you’re really, really angry, it’s better to wait before you post. Calmer heads make for more coherant arguments!

You own your own words

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