New marketplace announcement live streamed 2.00pm today!

In a first for Tamebay, we’ll be live streaming the announcement of a brand new marketplace launch, live today at around 2.00pm. Check back this afternoon at 2.00pm and you’ll be able to watch the announcement and be first to hear the news, which will be streamed live from a DIT event in Dubai!

This is a UK marketplace with an addressable audience spending power equating to £274 billion a year and it will go live in the Spring of 2022. To be part of the launch and be able to dominate your category on the new marketplace you’ll need to sign up before then however so you’ll want to get yourself on the list to be one of the first sellers to register.

Although this new marketplace will have a specific audience in mind, it will be a general marketplace with a wide range of categories so there’s bound to be a lot of interest.

Over the years we’ve watched many marketplaces attempt to launch and grow but very few actually make the cut and go on to prosper. So what makes this new marketplace different? Well, you’ll have to log on this afternoon and watch the live stream to find out but we’re willing to go out on a limb with this one and are confident that they have everything in place to almost guarantee success.

Marketplaces need two things to grow – Sellers with a ready supply of attractive merchandise at competitive prices and buyers. Without the buyers sellers are naturally reluctant to sign up and reticence means many wait for others to do the hard work in the early days of plugging away waiting for the buyers to turn up.

Then the marketplace needs buyers and that’s where this new marketplace has it covered – 22% of the UK population will be highly motivated to switch their online shopping spend after the launch in Spring 2022 and that’s why you should be interested.

If you are a merchant, retailer or brand selling on UK marketplaces, today’s announcement will be a huge opportunity for your business growth in 2022. If you are a third party supplier, whether in the multi-channel management world, or shipping, fulfilment and related verticals, then you’ll also want to get an advance insight of what to expect to ensure you are ready to serve seller on this new marketplace.

At around 2.00pm we’ll be publishing a post where you can watch the launch announcement livestreamed, so check back later to watch it as it happens!

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