Buy Box Experts acquire InterCultural Elements

InterCultural Elements acquired by Buy Box Experts

Founded in 2007 by Anja and Scott Galvao and Eduard Gerritsen, InterCultural Elements, a German-based international expansion firm that supports brands with cross-border trade, have announced that the business has been acquired by Buy Box Experts, a performance marketing agency supporting brands on the Amazon marketplace.

Buy Box Experts have landed a real gem here – InterCultural Elements were one of the very first to assist online retailers with cross border selling and have an enormous understanding of the sector. Plus Anja and Scott have connections right across the industry from retailers to multi-channel management solution providers which are second to none. At the same time this will be exciting for the company as it’ll propel them to the forefront in the US and it will be no surprise to see a sudden influx of US marketplace businesses starting to sell in Europe with their assistance.

“I’m thrilled to be welcoming the InterCultural Elements team, for together we now support brands’ marketplace expansion across the Amazon footprint, as well as numerous other marketplaces, through account management, advertising campaign management services, translation, and foreign language customer service.”
– Joseph Hansen, CEO and Founder, Buy Box Experts

“Our team is excited about the opportunity of joining forces with Buy Box Experts to help brands expand within and across European and North American marketplaces.”
– Anja and Scott Galvao, Managing Directors and Co-founders of InterCultural Elements

Anja becomes Director of International Operations while Scott becomes Head of Partnerships for the combined company.

This deal marks the fourth acquisition for Buy Box Experts, following the purchase of The Frontier Group in 2018, Nozani in 2019, and Egility in 2020. Throughout this journey, the company has expanded its capabilities in order to better support brands with the tools needed for marketplace growth.

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Wasn't it founded by three people?

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