Brown & Ginger – 2021 eBay Be Your Own Boss

Brown & Ginger - 2021 eBay Be Your Own Boss

We are publishing the stories behind the 2021 eBay for Business Awards winners and the winner of the Be Your Own Boss award is Josephine Marsh and Brown & Ginger.

Prior to starting her own business, Josephine found that she could never really find the right ‘fit’ with her career. She tried out various vocations such as wedding planning, customer service, supply chain management and even bar work – but none of them stuck.

In 2016, she made the decision to start up her own business alongside her full-time job. Brown & Ginger started from humble beginnings in Josephine’s bedroom in a shared house. However, within six months her homewares had been selling quickly and turnover was high enough for Josephine to go part-time and dedicate more time to her business.

Brown & Ginger has since seen huge success and Josephine has relocated to a 1,600 sq ft warehouse with an office and photo studio. Josephine has even been able to employ a member of staff who helps her with creating listings and writing blog posts.

Josephine has gained huge confidence through running her own business and has ambitious plans to grow her team and open a showroom to present Brown & Ginger products, so her customers can feel the quality of the hand-selected items she sells.

Josephine prides herself on her strong feedback scores on eBay, as she makes it her mission to ensure that her customers receive the best service they can.

“If someone had told me four years ago when I was packing online orders from my living room that I’d be where I am today, I don’t think I’d have believed them. Building Brown & Ginger has been an incredible experience, allowing me to follow my passions and improving my confidence at the same time. Winning the Be Your Own Boss Award has now given me the boost I needed to take the next steps for my business. I’m so excited to see what the future holds!”
– Josephine Marsh, owner, Brown & Ginger

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