Royal Mail Q2 21/22 Quality of Service

By Chris Dawson November 21, 2021 - 12:15 pm

The Royal Mail Q2 21/22 Quality of Service was recently published and the bad news is that even the premium 1st Class service is being impacted by COVID-related self-isolation, sickness, absence and vacancies.

“Ofcom has recognised that the COVID-19 pandemic qualified as a ‘regulatory emergency period’. The regulatory emergency period commenced in March 2020 and ended on 31 August 2021. This meant that during this period Royal Mail was not required to sustain the Universal Service without interruptions, suspension or restriction, according to the regulator. Ofcom acknowledged that due to factors outside our control it would not always be possible for us to meet our regulatory obligations, which included our Quality of Service targets.”
– Royal Mail

Royal Mail Q2 21/22 deliveries

1st Class

Against a target of 93.0% on time deliveries for 1st Class mail, Royal Mail Q2 21/22 Quality of Service reports that they only achieved 82.4%. That’s -10.6 below target compared with -5.8 in the previous quarter, however they do say that 95.2% was delivered within two working days, just one day late.

2nd Class

For their 2nd Class target, of 98.5%, only 95.7% of mail was delivered on time, -2.8 below target compared with -1.0 in the previous quarter.

Christmas Preparations

Couriers and the Royal Mail are already stepping up operations to cope with Christmas. Even through we’re still a week away from Black Friday, DPD delivered an item not due until Monday to me this weekend with the driver saying that they are working flat out including weekends in order to prepare and keep up with demand.

“It has been a challenging period, and our Quality of Service has not been as we would have wished. We are working hard to get our Quality of Service back to the levels our customers expect everywhere. I would like to thank our postmen and women for the extra effort they have been putting into delivering for our customers. With around 20,000 people joining our organisation as we enter our busiest period, we are getting ready to deliver for our customers in the run up to Christmas.”
– Shiona Rolfe, Service Delivery Director, Royal Mail

  • Darren J
    2 weeks ago

    Fancy a proper news story, head over to to really see what is going on.
    Blue shirts forum and the pathway to change forum.
    There is a big story there

  • Jackson
    2 weeks ago

    You sure it isn’t just a lot of racist Royal Mail workers complaining about having to do a full days work, or the loss of the lucrative side hustles?

  • Darren J
    2 weeks ago

    Eh racist what the hell, what are you on about.
    Side hustles, that was many years ago.
    Get a grip.

  • Toby
    2 weeks ago

    Nobody likes change… happens in every industry when the world changes but people think that business can stand still and continue as if everything bounces off them. After all, we are still in the 70s aren’t we?
    Sadly RM kind of made a rod for thier own back by ignoring these changes for so long, then trying to force them all through at once. I wish this was uncommon, but it isn’t. As i said nobody likes change, and the fear of union uprisings and staff revolts seem to make companies frightened of moving with the times until they have no choice.
    I was a union rep in retail in the past, and the anti company bias that i was encouraged to promote was the reason i left. It wasn’t about what was best in the long term… but about getting members to see the company as so bad that they needed the union…. even if the company and their actual jobs suffered because of it.
    Never forget…. a Union is a business to. It is there to make money, without it, it dies.
    No saying all are bad, just that they aren’t always as squeeky clean as some would think. Everyone has an agenda

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