How to minimise Amazon fees and boost your profit

By Chris Dawson November 18, 2021 - 8:00 am

Download ButtonIt can be easy to focus too much on that top line of growth and forget about the bottom line. That’s why our new ebook, ‘How to minimise Amazon fees and boost your profit’, written in partnership with GETIDA, aims to shine the spotlight on the fees that you pay when selling on Amazon and in particular with FBA.

To minimise Amazon fees, you’ll first need to focus on some of the myriad of fees and charges that come as part and parcel of Amazon FBA. In this ebook we spotlight strategies you can use to minimise your fees up front – Yes with some small changes you can actually reduce the amount you pay to Amazon!

We then focus on the FBA refund process – when shipments get lost or damaged and you might expect the FBA reimbursement to be paid back straight back into your accounts but this doesn’t always happen. In the ebook we’ll show you what to look for and reveal how you can reclaim fees from Amazon going back many months to give an instant cash injection into your business.

“What most FBA sellers don’t realize is that when it comes to FBA auditing and reimbursements, there is a hidden opportunity to recover
lost funds and boost profit. This means that there is a proven and reliable way available for FBA sellers to increase their profit without the need to invest and apply resources to increase sales.”

– Yoni Mazor Co-Founder & CGO, GETIDA

According to GETIDA half of all Amazon sellers are not even aware that they have been experiencing FBA discrepancies and are eligible for FBA reimbursements. The second half of all Amazon sellers are savvier, and already do audits and file claims for FBA reimbursements, but they are usually not aware of how much more reimbursements they are eligible to receive. The reality is that such FBA sellers are still eligible to receive more. Much more.

Download ButtonThe single most profitable thing you can do this year will be to download this ebook and make sure you not only minimise Amazon fees but also request the many reimbursements you’re undoubtedly due and you can access just by submitting a claim.

Download “How to minimise Amazon fees and boost your profit” here!

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