eBay mobile web seller info update

By Chris Dawson November 23, 2021 - 11:44 am

eBay are making some changes to the View Item experience on mobile phones to assist communications and drive sales, with updates to the mobile web seller info view and make it easier for buyers to browsing your eBay shop.

“While we normally don’t make changes at this time of year, we’ve tested these updates over the last few months and have seen an overall positive impact on sales and conversion. That’s why we’re making these changes now, in time for the busy seasonal sales.”
– eBay

1) eBay mobile web seller info

The first change is making important information about your business and feedback more visible to buyers. On the mobile website, your seller name, logo, and feedback rating will now appear directly under your listing’s title, giving more visibility to your business. You’ll also see your overall seller feedback, with most recent feedback comments displayed more prominently in the “About this seller” section.

2) eBay Shop Visibility

The second change is the addition of a new, more visible way for buyers to find your eBay shop. Buyers accessing the web on their mobile phone will now see a link to your shop in the “About this seller” section of the View Item page, making it easier and faster for them to connect with more of your inventory and learn about your business.

It’s worth noting that these changes impact mobile web seller info and shop visibility, i.e. when you use a mobile’s browser to access eBay. The changes aren’t impacting the eBay app.

Overall, we’re massively in favour of these changes which add value to having an eBay shop by driving buyers to view your other listings. Anything that keeps a potential buyer on your listings rather than an overall eBay search can only increase basket size and, if a buyer was interested in one of your listings but it’s not quite perfect for them, it’s a way they can browse your other listings for the absolute perfect item which they’ll hopefully go on to purchase.

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