WhatsApp introduces collections to make shopping easier

By Lauren Fruncillo October 20, 2021 - 2:24 pm

According to reports WhatsApp are introducing a collections feature that will help businesses sell products through their app by making it easier for customers to shop through chats. ‘Collections’ will feature categorized lists that will remove the need to sift through mounds of messages to find a product.

Selling on messaging is massive in China but perhaps less so in the UK but it’s growing and growing fast. It’s tedious to exchange multiple messages and photos to get product information so WhatsApp streamlined the ability to sell products and services with the introduction of catalogues and Carts in the WhatsApp Business app.

Now today, they’ve released another feature to make it even easier. The new collections feature works as an enhancement to what is already available. Sellers can now organize their catalogs by category rather than the usual product lists, adding convenience for customers. As usual, businesses can send their catalogs through links or a shopping button in their header.

Why might you want to sell on WhatsApp? Well if you have a customer contact you through messaging, which is becoming increasingly more common, it surely makes sense that you can immediately show them a product or range of products and that your customer can make an instant purchase right there in the messaging platform. Send them a link to your website and you lose the attention and risk losing a sale that you could have closed then and there.

The feature is now live for businesses just in time for Christmas.

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