Price-related product attributes available on Wish marketplace

By Chris Dawson October 5, 2021 - 11:06 am

Wish are adding the facility to add price-related product attributes which in some countries (UK, US, EU) is a legal requirement.

“To help merchants comply with applicable laws requiring price per unit of measurement to be displayed for products sold to or within the European Union, United Kingdom, and United States, merchants may now provide various unit price-related product attributes when adding/editing products manually or via CSV in Merchant Dashboard, or via API. These product attributes will be used to calculate and display unit price to customers on the Wish app and Adding unit price attributes in order to display unit price is strongly encouraged for (but not limited to) products categorized as cleaning supplies, toiletries, beauty, cosmetics, personal care, and other product types sold in quantities or measurements.”
– Wish

Wish price-related product attributes

Measured Type

The type of measurement.

  • Weight
  • Volume US imperial
  • Volume metric
  • Length
  • Area
  • Per unit


The unit of measurement for the total content of a product. This will be used to display the price per unit of a product (Price * Reference Value) / Quantity Value = Unit Price (displayed per Reference Value in given Unit), and is the unit of measurement that will be used for both the Reference Value and Quantity Value attributes.

  • Weight: oz, lb, g, mg, kg
  • Volume US imperial: floz, pt, qt, gal
  • Volume metric: ml, cl, l, cbm
  • Length: in, ft, yd, cm, m
  • Area: sqft, sqm
  • Per unit: count, load, wash, roll, pod

Quantity Value

The total quantity of the product variant (in the given unit) that is used to calculate the price per unit of a producta. If a product has multiple product variants, you will need to set quantity values for each product variant.

Reference Value

The reference value (in the given unit) that is used to calculate the price per unit of a product and to illustrate the unit count for the consumer to see, using the below formula.

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