Introducing the Wish Standards program

By Chris Dawson October 20, 2021 - 10:22 am

Wish will introduce an enhanced, revamped program called Wish Standards on the 18th of November, replacing the existing Merchant Standing program (previously available to select merchants).

“While Merchant Standing provided merchants with incentives to improve their performance, we recognized the need for a more robust, comprehensive program that refines performance rewards, offers transparency around merchant expectations, builds customer and merchant trust, and elevates the Wish shopping experience. Wish Standards is a significant initiative representing our long-term commitment to reward exceptional merchant performance, and to overall increase the quality and health of the Wish ecosystem for both merchants and customers.”
– Wish

Wish Standard Benefits

Wish Standards provides merchants with benefits and perks that aim to help them improve their business, potentially including:

  • Increased impressions
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved brand reputation and recognition
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Improved visibility to customers
  • Improved commission rate structure


Similar to Merchant Standing, Wish Standards uses the following tiers (listed from highest to lowest tier) to identify store performance levels:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Qualifying merchants in higher tiers may benefit from performance perks, including:

  • Impression boosts (available starting on the 18th of November 2021)
  • Premier badge and distinguished “Premier Merchant” tag displaying to customers in the Wish app/ for merchants in Platinum and Gold tiers (available starting on the 18th of November 2021)
  • Commission discounts (launching at a future date)
  • Higher frequency payment disbursement (launching at a future date)

The higher your tier, the better the potential benefits/perks. Merchants consistently placing in the lowest tier (Bronze) may face consequences, including reduced impressions.

Tiers will be determined by various criteria, potentially including:

  • User feedback ratings
  • Order fulfillment rate
  • Fulfillment speed
  • Valid tracking rate
  • Compliance with Wish policies
  • Refund rate

Leading up to the launch of Wish Standards, merchants are encouraged to continue providing outstanding product quality and service to customers in order to achieve a high tier rating starting on the 18th of November. For an illustrated breakdown of the Wish Standards tiers and associated benefits, see the Wish Standards overview page.

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