Watch on demand Q4 Optimisation Strategies

By Chris Dawson September 22, 2021 - 11:47 am

If you missed this week’s webinar on Q4 Optimisation Strategies, you can now watch the replay to check that your Amazon business is ready to take full advantage of the peak selling season.

Our guest speaker was Simon Schubert, Director of Growth at SellerX who is responsible for the integration of newly acquired brands into the SellerX portfolio. Prior to SellerX, he worked for almost 6 years for Amazon Germany (Marketplace Department) in various Management Roles and launched and built among other things the Subscribe and Save program for Sellers in Germany as well as the 360 Program (paid strategic account management program) in the EU. Simon is well versed in what it takes to make a business a success on Amazon!

The main objective of this Q4 Optimisation Strategies webinar is to share best practice in regards to Q4 preparation for Amazon and in it we cover essential topics such as:

  • Supply Chain Management and Demand Planning
  • How to plan the right stock level for Q4, when to order, how to deal with current inventory limits.

  • Promotional Strategy
  • Overview about deal types and recommendations on which deal type to use and when.

  • Pricing
  • How to price correctly and competitively for the busiest season in the year.

  • Item Data Quality
  • Ensure that all of the content is up to date, meets amazon criteria in order to increase conversions

  • Marketing
  • Overview about marketing options and recommendation where to focus on and therefore invest additional money.

  • Account Health Management
  • Best practice on how to prepare in the most effective way to meet Amazon guidelines

Click here to watch on demand.

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