Royal Mail Changes to Service Ts&Cs

By Chris Dawson September 1, 2021 - 12:51 pm

There are some Royal Mail changes coming from the 1st of October to their service terms and conditions which you’ll want to be aware of. you can keep up to date with all updates on the Royal Mail website.

Changes to items sent via Royal Mail 24 and 48

From the 1st of October 2021, customers posting via Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail 48 will be required to provide an accurate weight and pre-advice for each item, unless they are using Royal Mail’s Basic Barcode solution or are a flat rate customer.

(A flat rate is a standard charge calculated by Royal Mail based on your posting profile for each Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail 48 item where such standard charge applies for a fixed period of time.)

Changes when sending items to the Isles of Scilly via Royal Mail Tracked

From the 1st of October 2021, postcode areas TR21-TR25 in the Isles of Scilly will be added to the delivery aim exclusion list for Royal Mail Tracked 24 and Royal Mail Tracked 48 services.

Hopefully marketplaces will clock this change and not hold you to the same delivery expectations as for the rest of the country.

Changes to Royal Mail Business Collections – Monthly Payments

Royal Mail changes to how the handle late payments for Business Collections service mean it’s best to pay on time!

From the 1st of October 2021, for customers paying for their collections on an agreed monthly fee basis, failure to make payment for two or more consecutive months will result in a mandatory move to payment by Direct Debit or an Annual Payment account.

If a customer is unable or unwilling to move to the new payment method, then this will result in a termination of their collection service.

Changes to Royal Mail Business Collections – Pro Rata Refunds

From the 1st of October 2021, any customers who meet the required spend criteria and are successful in their application for a free business collection will be entitled to a pro-rata refund for their collection fees.

The pro-rata refund will be calculated from the date on which you meet the qualifying spend criteria.

  • 3 months ago

    So they ask for an accurate weight for RM24 & RM48 items. But they’ve not stated any parameters. How accurate is “accurate” ? Do they just have to be within the price/weight brackets ? Is 10 grams either way acceptable ? 5 grams ? Are we expected to have professionally calibrated scales accurate to 0.1 grams ? They don’t say.

    This potentially gives them another money-making opportunity to levy penalties with no appeal possible on items that are outside an unstated arbitrary boundary.

    I get that there are a few bad apples who take the proverbial, but it feels like Royal Mail’s “Revenue Protection” department have gone from being a fraud prevention operation (which I wholeheartedly support) to just another profit centre.

  • Terence Devlin
    3 months ago

    Why are people being given totally false and inaccurate arrival times of tracked items . This puts total pressure on the postman and sometimes accusations as to where the item is . Twice this week already I’ve had customers asking where their item is having had a message , two and now three days later the item is in my bag .

  • Postiemik
    3 months ago

    Perhaps they’re just tighting the current rules? Royal Mail is now a private company and a such expected to make a profit for its share holders. Stopping people sending overweight items for a lower fee common sense, most folks don’t even know the rules on size and weight!
    It may seem Draconian, but hey, welcome to the world of profit not service!

  • SAM
    3 months ago

    Ohhh what new nightmare is this….so I cant just send 1 batch anymore that average out normally in Fail mails favour. I have to send and manifest 40 batches…,???

    Plus why do these clowns always wait to the busy period. Not like the service gets any better. Another OG and Amazon laughing again.

    I tell you is there any more barriers these Corporate clowns and Brexitidiot politicians can put in front of us.

  • Gav
    3 months ago

    It doesn’t sound like you are using click and drop Sam, and if that’s the case, why not give it a go?

    Just put the actual weights in, let them work out the average for you. There’s 1 manifest at the end, unless you want to split it. Integrate with your selling accounts and it’ll download the order details to create the labels and upload the tracking number afterwards and mark it as dispatched.

    I know a few other sellers who were on other RM systems. It took some persuading, as old habits die hard, but once they’d done click and drop for a few weeks, the results spoke for themselves. Time saved. £££s saved.

    I think RM want to phase out these old methods anyway. Might as well get ahead of it.

  • SAM
    3 months ago

    @gav it is Click and drop I use have done for years.
    Anyway I do not think anyone is using that today anyway…..12.54 and still broke…

  • Gav
    3 months ago

    @ Sam

    that’s my bad for bigging them up, jinxed it. Not looking good for it coming back on today.

  • 3 months ago

    royal mail are not doing there job we aree paying for tracked and signed they are not even scanning the deliverd items so what happed they deny receaving the goods so we get screwed by the scammers and ebay refund them i blame royal mail for this not ebay they are causing more people to deny receaveing there goods but royal maqil refuse to refund us yes it is just another way of screwing us over ….royal mai ldo not give a toss

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