Olsam raises $165M in series A funding round

By Lauren Fruncillo September 1, 2021 - 3:33 pm

According to reports, Olsam have raised $165M in a series A funding round. The funding will help the company expand on its acquisitions of leading Amazon FBA businesses as well as assist with the expansion of it’s platform and staffing.

Apeiron Investment Group, Elevat3 Capital, and North Wall Capital, all saw great potential in ex-amazon marketplace team Olsam. Their 20 years of FBA experience combined gives them a clear upper hand in understanding how the thousands of brands set up on the Amazon platform operate.

Olsam are not the only company of this sort to receive recent funding. We are seeing an influx of startups aiming to acquire and grow ecommerce businesses, which is not surprising considering the vast growth ecommerce has experienced since the pandemic. We can only imagine how many small businesses with extensive growth potential are sitting around on marketplaces. According to Olsam they are backed by some of Europe’s leading investors, with $500M under management and 40 IPOs, they are building Europe’s next generation consumer goods company that acquires and scales category leading brands across global marketplaces, whilst creating a work place where people love what they do.

What do Olsam do?

Olsam are a cash buyer of highly rated Amazon private label brands. Through their structured 6-week process, they perform due diligence on your business, structure a fair cash deal and migrate your assets (website domain, software tools etc) to Olsam’s ownership. They then focus on scaling your brand to new heights with capital investment and ex-Amazon brand operations and supply chain expertise. They work closely with Sellers to structure deals that work for them, exiting the business entirely with a lump sum cash payment or staying on for a period to share in the upside together. The choice is yours.

If you want to learn more about Olsam you can check out their meet the company here.

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Founded by ex-Amazonians for Amazon Sellers, Olsam are building a European consumer goods company that acquires and scales category leading Amazon FBA brands sold across global marketplaces. Believing that brands should be built for the long-term, we w …

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