New Channable Amazon Repricer launched today

By Chris Dawson September 13, 2021 - 10:30 am

Driven by customer demand, Channable have today announced the new Channable Amazon Repricer, which enables digital marketers, brands and online retailers to increase sales, optimise profit margins and compete to win the Buy Box with real-time pricing.

Winning the Buy Box on Amazon and other marketplaces is crucial to increasing sales and optimizing profit margins for sellers. In fact, accounting for over 80% of sales, Channable understands that controlling the Buy Box means controlling profitability. With listings and prices in constant flux, the new Channable Amazon Repricer is a real-time, rule-based Repricer and is fully integrated into the Amazon Marketplace to:

  • Eliminate the need for manual price adjustments
  • Keep up with high-frequency, competitive pricing
  • Provide sellers full control of pricing strategies
  • Work globally on Amazon marketplaces (10+ countries in Europe and North America)
  • Grow your ecommerce business

“Amazon is an amazing place for buyers and sellers but competition is fierce. In fact, we see millions of price and listing changes on Amazon daily – most of it aimed at winning the Buy Box. With billions of dollars per year going through our system, we felt it was imperative to empower sellers to provide the best prices in real-time for their customers to stay competitive.”
– Rob Van Nuenen, CEO, Channable

According to ResearchandMarkets, Amazon sales have “almost doubled over the course of two years from $80bn in 2018 to $154bn in 2020.” With this type of growth comes increased competition and shop owners need to stay ahead. Immediately available to Channable customers, the Amazon Repricer is offered as a separate feature for $59 per month, addressing competitive pricing strategies such as:

  • The Buy Box
  • Win the Buy Box to increase sales by keeping your listing on top – even in the most competitive conditions.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Monitor your competitors pricing so you can outbid them. Anytime your competitors change their prices, Channable adjusts and reprices your products in real-time to win customers.

Channable’s offerings enable digital marketers, brands and online retailers to effectively sell, advertise, market, automate and manage their online sales globally. The company’s platform with the new Channable Amazon Repricer works in several different languages to:

  • Optimize and organize provide product feed management, handle orders and advertise listings across thousands of online marketplaces, affiliate networks and price comparison sites;
  • Offer PPC automation to easily generate and optimize Google Text Ads (Google AdWords) and Microsoft Advertising text ads and shopping campaigns for peak e-commerce performance; and
  • Integrate and work seamlessly with major e-commerce platforms including: Shopify, Magento, Lightspeed and WooCommerce.

You can learn more about the Channable Amazon Repricer or add it to your Channable account here.

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