e-scooters require legal disclaimer to be sold on eBay

By Chris Dawson September 16, 2021 - 10:00 am

e-scooters, Segways, hoverboards, go-peds , powered unicycles, and u-wheels are all banned from use in public spaces. This includes not using them onpavements, cycle lanes, bridleways, public roads or other places open to the public. Don’t think that you can just scoot around your local car park, Uni or Industrial estate either as other spaces which are accessible to the public are also on the banned list for e-scooters.

The government also says that ‘responsible vendors’ will warn potential customers that they are about to buy a product which frankly they can’t use anywhere other than their back garden. Of course if you happen to live on a 100 acre country estate then you’re free to buy e-scooters to rampage over your own land.

“It is not illegal to sell powered transporters, but responsible vendors will give customers accurate information about the legal restrictions on their use.”
– UK Government

e-scooters disclaimer required on eBay

As a responsible vendor, eBay are now requiring you to pop a disclaimer in listings – preferably so that it stands out and is near the top rather than buried in small print at the bottom.

The exact wording of the disclaimer that you must include in listings is:

“Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads (except under very specific circumstances), pavements, or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission.”

e-scooters legal disclaimer

The disclaimer should be clear and visible and should be added to all relevant listings, whether you are updating on desktop or mobile. Failure to add the disclaimer will see your listings removed by eBay.

  • Toby
    1 month ago

    ‘As a responsible vendor, eBay are now requiring you to pop a disclaimer in listings – preferably so that it stands out and is near the top rather than buried in small print at the bottom.’
    Good luck with that. Ebay have a strong history of not enforcing their own rules, unless you are a decent honest seller, in which case they will be on you like a hawk.
    Experience shows that alot of buyers simply don’t read the description at all. After all it is far to easy to return it for free by clicking not as described.
    I have even seena rise in people not even reading the title…. yes the ‘PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION’ comment in some of our titles this year, failed to make several read the description. Some of those that did, seemed to have missed the bit at the top in a large font, upper case, bold and red…. that gave them important info. Of course as they said ‘it wasn’t clear…..’

    So good luck with this. I’m guessing it is a tick box excercise so they can say ‘we did our bit’.

  • Simon
    1 month ago

    I’m not sure how this is news as it’s been a requirement for a long time?

  • Lisa
    3 weeks ago

    Will that prevent idiots from riding these on pavements? No. Legal enforcement is needed.

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