100 days to Christmas – How can finance work for you?

By Chris Dawson September 16, 2021 - 12:09 pm

With just 100 days to Christmas, your plans are probably already in place for stock, advertising, shipping, customer service Black Friday week and the inevitable returns. However there is one area that’s too often ignored that can significantly increase your profits and that is your finance arrangements.

In our webinar with Rangewell’s Alasdair McPherson, we discuss the different forms of finance available to online sellers and there’s a new form of finance available which you may not have considered before – the recovery loans backed by the government. Recently a number of changes have cropped up which means if you haven’t reviewed the finance or cash advances you already have in place then you could be saving money:

  • Lending rates have reduced substantially
  • The availability of term loans (those over 12 months) has grown exponentially
  • Borrowers who weren’t eligible for lending a years ago and often now receiving multiple finance offers

    “Ecommerce finance has changed dramatically over the last 12 months – Ecommerce companies who haven’t checked if they can refinance at cheaper rates or for longer terms are missing a trick”
    – Alasdair McPherson, Head of Lender Relations, Rangewell

    The impact to your bottom line is relatively easy to see – if you can refinance at lower rates or on more favourable terms means it’ll cost you less and add profits to your business, effectively for filling out a few bits of paperwork. Even better, Rangewell experts are happy to review your finances at no cost to you – simply get in touch and ask for a review and they’ll guide you through the available finance options.

    Rangewell don’t charge any fees – the lenders fund their services so they have no particular favourite whether it be high street banks, marketplace finance, government backed loans or any other funding sources. They may be able to guide you to loans offering lower rates, more favourable terms (such as no personal guarantees), or a longer payback period. They can also assist you to take a long term view of finance rather than simply taking the first available offer to take advantage of an immediate opportunity.

    You can watch the webinar in full here, and if you want to make the 100 days to Christmas as profitable as possible then get in touch with Rangewell at [email protected].

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