Wish Misleading Listings Policy threatens $200 fines

By Chris Dawson August 5, 2021 - 10:11 am

In what Wish say is a move to foster a healthy and high-quality marketplace for merchants and customers around the globe, they have updated their Merchant Policy to add measures on top of existing penalties for merchants who repeatedly violate their Misleading Listings Policy. These measures are basically a fine of up to $200 plus 100% of any future refunds caused by the misdescribed listing.

This is pretty punitive and intentionally so. This isn’t intended to catch out merchants when a buyer claims a product is not as described when it arrives however. It’s designed to deter the few dodgy merchants from misleading listings which are designed to hoodwink buyers into purchasing just to be disappointed when a less then desired item arrives.

One thing I’ve come to hate on marketplaces is listings with a very cheap variation as clickbait, but when you go to buy the product all other variations are significantly higher. Try this on Wish and welcome to 100% refunds and a $200 fine! However another example given is the main image not showing the item, for instance if you are selling a TV antenna but all images are of a TV (as per the image above) then Wish also classify this as misleading.

“A “Misleading Listing” is a product listing that misrepresents a product or sets false expectations for customers. This is a violation of Wish policies. These product listings misrepresent the product being sold through the use of deceptive images, titles, descriptions, size/color options, and/or prices. These misrepresentations negatively affect Wish customers and are not tolerated on the Wish marketplace. Listings found to be violating this “Misleading Listing” policy are subject to removal and monetary penalties.”
– Wish definition of misleading listings

Wish Misleading Listings Policy

Product listings that are detected to be misleading will be penalised

“If a product listing or a product variation is detected to be misleading, the merchant may be penalised up to $200.00 if there were orders placed in the last 30 calendar days from when the product or variation was detected as misleading. Merchant may also be responsible for 100% of any future refund on an order placed on the detected misleading product or variation.
If a merchant is found to violate this policy multiple times, the merchant may then be subject to other penalties, including decreased impressions, payment withholding, account suspension, or account termination.
Merchants are allowed to dispute these penalties.
The penalty can only be disputed and approved within 90 calendar days from when the penalty was created. If the penalty dispute is not approved within the 90 calendar day period from when the penalty was created, the penalty will not be reversed.”

– Wish Merchant Policy

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