New Fruugo Retailer Dashboard launched

By Chris Dawson August 6, 2021 - 11:12 am

There’s a new Fruugo Retailer Dashboard which is rolling out to help you understand your Fruugo performance for the previous month, across a number of dimensions. The Dashboard is being rolled out in stages, and is currently only available to a subset of Fruugo’s retailer network so check your email to see if you’re included.

The aim of the Fruugo Retailer Dashboard is to help you identify opportunities for growth within the Fruugo platform. For now, it’ll be sent as a static PDF via email each month, but their future ambition is to provide a more interactive version in an enhanced Retailer Portal.

The dashboard has been designed to be as graphical as possible with dials for different aspects of your business showing your performance. The dials will indicate:

  • Green = strong performance
  • Amber = moderate performance, there are improvement opportunities
  • Red = low performance, strongly recommend corrective action

Some dials are also a direct comparison between your performance and the other retailers in your peer group. Your peer group are the other retailers who sell in a similar top level category as you.

What you’ll find in your Fruugo Retailer Dashboard

  • Retailer information
  • General information relating to your business

  • Performance Score
  • A score for each of the main dashboard sections and an overall score compared to retailers selling in the same product categories

  • Order Management
  • Focused on the prime dimension of orders and the critical activities in the order management process

  • Advertising Performance
  • Focused on how your products have performed through advertising across platforms such as Google Ads and Shopping

  • Google SKU Health
  • Information relating to your products relationship to Google, as the primary marketing and advertising engine for your products

  • Commercial Performance
  • Financial and order volume data provided across a range of dimensions to help you consider overall commercial performance

  • Further help – Shows the countries in which you already sell (Ship to) against the countries which are available for you to sell to on the Fruugo platform

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