JustGoEV online marketplace for EVs launches in UK

By Lauren Fruncillo August 8, 2021 - 4:49 pm

According to reports JustGoEV, an online marketplace for new and used EVs has launched in the UK.

The marketplace which was founded by automotive retail and ecommerce experts Jack Woodgate, Joe Worsfold and Ben Caspary is already home to more than 600 dealers and 6,000 listings.

“Our research shows us that the UK EV car parc is expected to top nine million vehicles by 2030 and that already 50% of car buyers are considering an EV of some description as their next purchase, so now is the perfect time to introduce the platform.
“Almost eight out of 10 car buyers say they do most of their car-buying research online, so if a consumer is looking to make the leap to an EV, we’re offering them a platform that filters out everything that’s irrelevant to them and helps with common ownership hurdles like installing a home charge point. Respectively, we are also giving dealers and EV manufacturers a direct means of reaching customers who are in the market for an EV as their next car.
“We’re aiming to offer a service that not only helps people buy an EV, but also helps them understand ownership.”

– Jack Woodgate, co-founder, JustGoEV

EVs have been gaining traction for a while now and slowly we are seeing more electric vehicles and hybrids on the roads. With more news on the impact global warming is having on our planet we are likely to see a bigger push and demand for sustainable commitments.

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