Fiverr launches subscription based loyalty program

By Lauren Fruncillo August 13, 2021 - 1:09 pm

Fiverr, a U.S. based online marketplace for freelancers has announced the launch of Seller Plus, a subscription based loyalty program.

For $29 a month, freelancers who subscribe to the program can access a suite of benefits that include a dedicated success manager, faster payment clearance, growth program priority, priority support, advanced analytics and customer engagement tools, as well as exclusive events and educational content.

“For any freelancer who is motivated to build a successful business on Fiverr, Seller Plus is a must-have solution. As a two-sided marketplace, it’s important that we continue innovating and bringing to life new programs that not only support the businesses that use our platform, but also the freelancers that are already earning solid income on the marketplace and those that intend to. When we empower our freelancers with those tools, we help them provide better services to the buyers on our platform and in turn further strengthen the flywheel on our two-sided marketplace.”
– said Hila Klein, COO, Fiverr

According to Fiverr, Seller Plus provides freelancers the opportunity to take their business on Fiverr to the next level. Subscribers are given access to a variety of additional data and tools that allow them to better evaluate the health of their Fiverr business, to improve their offerings, and to better serve their clients on Fiverr.

The added analytics features provide a plethora of information including the ability to look at the keywords in their listings that are leading to purchases as well as see where their orders are coming from – whether it’s organic traffic, through a listing they might be paying to promote, a coupon they’re offering to returning customers, or the buyer request feature. Each subscriber is also assigned a dedicated success manager to help them navigate through all the tools and provide personalized advice. Success managers can also help prepare subscribed freelancers for potential inclusion in Fiverr’s various growth programs, including Fiverr Pro, Fiverr Choice, and Rising Talent.

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